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Problem transferring files via floppy

  Simsy 13:24 11 Mar 2003

Hi chums,

I've a little problem transferring something from work to home via floppy disc.

The symptons are that my machine at home, (Win 98se, Office 2000), struggles to read the disc, ending up with a reboot to get going again.

It was so bad that I even came to the conclusion that the floppy drive was faulty and have replaced it with a new one.. to no avail. The floppys are a decent make, and I have used more than one floppy, again to no avail.

If I use a disc on my PC alone there is no problem. I can format a disc, read and write to/from it to my hearts content.

I then take this floppy to work and transfer the files, (a couple of Excel files that I'm working on, and a couple of others), from the floppy to a PC at work with no problem.

The files are then altered at work and saved to a new folder on the floppy, (this new folder created on the work PC). They are then opened, at work, from the floppy, (as a test to see if they had saved OK), and they open with no problems.

I bring the floppy home and the symptoms reappear!!

The work PC uses Win2000 Pro with Office XP.

I did a virus scan both at work and at home with nothing found..... however I did get a one stage during the last freeze/lockup/reboot sequence a DOS type screen saying AVG resident sheild had found a virus in the boot sector of the A drive. A subsequent rescan of the floppy found nothing. The floppy had been refornatted, (full, not quick), immediately before copying the files onto it and going to work.

It can't be something to do with FAT32/NTFS can it? That's only relevant to the HDD I believe.

No I can go round the houses and transfer the files via CD... but thats extreme, and the machine I use at work doesn't have a CD writer... I'd have to go via the network and find another PC somewhere that does... an option that I really dont want to take.

Any advice/suggestions as to what's going on here?

Thanks in anticipation,



  woodchip 13:34 11 Mar 2003

May be incompatible format from Office XP to Office 2000 it will not be the first time. Try from a different program like a JPG file to confirm the above. PS Office XP will be backward Compatible but 2000 cannot read Office XP

  Simsy 14:30 11 Mar 2003

Woodchip/GroupFC... I'd thought of that and saved in the appropriate format, (Can't remember exactly what the options were now). I'd have thought that I'd have got a "Invalid file" messgae box if that was the problem. It's not something I'm completely ruling out at the moment though.

VinnyT... yes I may have to do that... but it would be nice to get to the root of the problem.

I've just come off night shifts and wont be able to do this for a few days now.

Thanks again folks.

Any other input is welcome.



  Simsy 16:56 14 Mar 2003

I think I need to do a bit more investigation!



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