Problem with talktalk broadband set up

  Totally confused 09:13 07 Oct 2006

I have used the installation disc to set up the modem supplied by TalkTalk and, although I am connected to the internet, things do not seem right, but I do not know enough to be sure. I cannot get through to the technical support line.

The connection is showing as Local Area connection 2, (I have an ethernet Local area connection with my husbands computer). It constantly says it is connected at 10mbps. In device manager the modem is listed as a network adapter, not a modem.

When I go to run/cmd/nslookup it says ' non existant domain default server unknown'

The modem is connected by USB, it has 2 ADSL lights, Link which is constantly amber when connected, and ACT which is mostly off but which flickers occasionally. The connection keeps dropping and is very slow if LAN 1 is connected.

Please can anyone tell me if this sounds correct?If not should I re-install everything from scratch? I tried re-installing the drivers and it made things worse.

  ade.h 13:42 07 Oct 2006

"In device manager the modem is listed as a network adapter, not a modem." If this is indeed an Ethernet modem - as you appear to be suggesting - then that is correct.

However, you then state that it is a USB modem - which interface does it use? If it is USB, then the Ethernet LAN is irrelevant.

  Totally confused 18:53 07 Oct 2006

Sorry ade.h, if I was unclear, I have to keep typing in a rush because every time I try to post anything, the connection drops and I am logged out. This is my third attempt at replying to you!
To clarify:- I already had a Local area network set up via ethernet, with a second computer. The modem (Huawei SmartAX MT882) came with both ethernet & usb cables, but I did not have a spare Ethernet connection, so I connected the modem to a USB2 PCI card which is installed in my computer.

The modem has 5 lights, one of which, ACT, keeps flashing, as does the USB light at times. TalkTalk's troubleshooting guide does not mention an ACT light. I followed their advice on checking that the DNS address is either or but I get instead, along with non-existant domain & default server unknown. If I try to change the sttings to the above, I cannot connect at all.

I expected Control Panel/Network Connections to show the broadband connection as such, not as a LAN, and I expected the connection speed to be in kbs, not mbps. Although the connection works it is intermittent and I cannot send email. I do not know if it is set up correctly or not.

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