Problem startup - Motherboard/CPU/bios problem?

  greggo999 13:11 08 Nov 2006

My PC never starts correctly, but once running (XP) has no problems, doesn't crash etc.

I've had a dozen different error messages from the bios/Windows:
1. Blank screen, no bios beep
2. Long beeps (Phoenix 6.0 bios)
3. Award bootblock Bios v.1.0 :Bios rom checksum error
4. 'CPU clock or ratio are programming fail previously...Setup CPU host clock again'

Pressing the restart button each time eventually gets windows started and checking the file system. (16kb in bad sectors). It's almost as if the PC has to be warm before it will function OK - perhaps the CPU?

I've changed the power supply, but the problem persists. Checked the RAM when 1 stick appeared to be faulty, but the problem came back the next day.
(2 x 256mb/1x 512mb DDR SDRAM)

I assume it's not the hard disk as this isn't used till later in the startup process.

Do I have a bios problem? Or the motherboard, or just the battery on the motherboard? It's a startup issue only and the PC is normally stable when running.

Tempted to change the Mboard and CPU

Help appreciated.

  woodchip 13:27 08 Nov 2006

All the signs of a Faulty under powered Power Supply. Fit a Good Spare to try with if you have one. Or use the one you are now using by just switching the Plugs, from one comp to the other with sides off comps

  greggo999 16:59 08 Nov 2006

Yes, I thought it might be a faulty Power Supply, so I bought a new 400w PSU, but the problem persists.

  zarobian 17:20 08 Nov 2006

Could be cmos battery. Cheap and easy to change before buyng another psu. Worth a try.

  woodchip 17:49 08 Nov 2006

It may need a BIOS upgrade, But I only like going that route as a Last resort

  greggo999 18:43 08 Nov 2006

Thanks. I'll try your suggestions

  greggo999 14:48 11 Nov 2006

I fitted a new cmos battery (£1) and flashed the bios but unfortunately it hasn't solved the problem.

Thinking of changing the mobo (never done this!)and CPU which will give me an upgrade anyway.

It's strange that my PC is fine once WinXP is finally running - the only problem being the initial startup...

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