Problem on startup

  shil 19:00 24 Jul 2008

I have inherited a desktop. The problem is that it refuses to boot. The monitor shows a blank screen. I suspect that the hard drive is faulty. Is there any way to confirm that the hard drive is faulty short of purchasing and installing a new one?

  birdface 19:08 24 Jul 2008

Try in safe mode.Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts see if it opens with that.

  shil 19:14 24 Jul 2008

buteman. Have tried this, to no avail.

  birdface 19:30 24 Jul 2008

If an oldish computer make sure the air vents are not clogged up with dust or fluff.If so inside may need cleaning as well.When inside maybe remove your memory and clean them if needed and make sure they are seated properly when putting them back.If the computer has been moved about make sure everything is connected properly.

  Cuddles 19:34 24 Jul 2008

Try the hard drive in another system

  MsTechie 19:57 24 Jul 2008

Even if the HDD is faulty it should still boot up and show an error message relating to the HDD unless something else is at fault too.
To rule out the HDD unplug the IDE cable and Power cable from the back of the HDD then boot up again and see what happens, post back and let us know.

  grey george 20:00 24 Jul 2008

Do you see the bios loading or anything else? If the screen is blank all the time then it may be the moniter or video card. Do you get the post bleeps when it starts? Does the hdd light flicker?

  So Afraid 20:04 24 Jul 2008

To get into safe mode on my PC i have to keep tapping F5.

  shil 06:34 25 Jul 2008

Have tried booting up with the IDE and power cables disconnected and get the same result as before. Do not get the post beep and the hdd light comes on but does not flicker.

  MsTechie 16:11 25 Jul 2008

Try resetting the BIOS
On your motherboard, usually near the CMOS batter there are some jumpers, usually with a plastic bit covering them, if you look carefully you should see the words either <Clear CMOS> or <Reset CMOS> with the PC turned off remove the plastic bit and put put it one the jumpers for a couple of seconds then return it back to its original place.
This has worked for me on a few occasions

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 25 Jul 2008

There is no way the HDD led can flicker if data and power leads disconnected.

Try removing and refitting the graphics acrd if it has one.

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