problem with start up

  nicholasii 14:47 10 May 2006

the problem occured suddenly when my computer froze, mouse and keyboard wouldnt register.

i restarted the computer then it got a few seconds into loading the windows desktop and it froze again.

the next time i turned the computer on it wouldnt even begin to boot or power the monitor, but it did make its usual background noise, i knew that it hadnt loaded windows though as the start up noise didnt happen.

i tried to turn it on again the next day and it got as far as loading windows desktop and loading the icons tray then crashed.

any ideas? thanks in advance.

specs as best i can remember are:
512 ram memory
2.4 ghz (i may be wrong here) processor
80 gig hard drive
windows xp as os


  Marsh Warden © ™ 15:08 10 May 2006

Can you start in safe mode (Tap F8 during reboot) and do a system restore.

  brinormeg 15:41 10 May 2006

Hi had a similar problem when my pc froze playing a game.
When I start mine I get the first screen
"Geforce 7800gt bios" then
"Asus motherboard Del to enter setup" then
"pci device screen" then it won't go further.

The only way I get onto the windows loading screen is by pressing F8 into the "boot menu"
then when i select hard drive to boot from, then everythings fine.
Perhaps you could try F8 if you get that far.

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