Problem with Spy - Bot

  Snadds 21:10 02 Aug 2004

I am running windows XP Proffessional and loaded the spy bot program from this months DVD. When tried the first scan it froze half way thru,on checking task manager it said the program was running but I noticed that the cpu indicator was at 100% I ended task and tried several times more with the same result.I uninstalled and and reinstalled but the result was the same.Zone alarm was on so would that make a difference? Any suggestions anyone?? I could really use the help.

  dagwoood 21:30 02 Aug 2004

Snadds, is your version of Spybot running with the scan priority option set to "time critical"?

You can check this by going into spybot advanced mode, click on the settings tab on the left, from the list shown there's another option labled settings, click on this, then scroll down to the scan priority option.

If it's set at time critical, this can cause system instability.

I have mine set at "Highest" and while the scans running it seems it's not doing anything because the scan status bar at the bottom doesn't do anything until the scans completed. Because it's set at highest the scan is taking priority over other processes and so the scan progress doesn't get shown.

Hope this helps, dagwoood.

  Snadds 09:00 03 Aug 2004

Thank you for your respose Dagwood. the scan priority is not set to time critical I am using only the default settings loaded at installation,I found no reference to proxy servers in the wizzard, do you think that could have something to do with the problem?

  dagwoood 15:11 03 Aug 2004

Snadds, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I assume that you update from a proxy server or connect to the internet via a proxy server and I wouldn't have thought that would have any effect when your running scans, but I may stand corrected on that.

I'm assuming(again)that when you've tried to reinstall you used the copy you have on your DVD. You could try and download it from click here and try installing it and see if that works.

My set up is the same as yours. I'm running on XP Pro, connect to the net via a proxy server and have ZoneAlarm running. I've not had any problems with regards Spybot S&D scanning.

Hope this helps, dagwoood.

  Snadds 06:48 04 Aug 2004

Hi Dagwood.Thank you for the information relating to the download sites for spy-bot. I downloaded from one and the program works fine.
Thanks again, Snadds

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