Problem with Speedtouch 330 modem

  csqwared 22:03 14 May 2004


I have just signed up for Wanadoo broadband (512k)and been supplied with a Speedtouch 330 modem. When booting my system it will either boot O.K. or, following the P.O.S.T when the background appears, the system hangs and I have to Ctrl/Alt/Del or use the reset on the tower. If the modem is not connected this doesn't happen. I've downloaded the latest drivers to no avail. I have tried a bigger PSU (550W) and changed the memory stick also to no avail. I contacted Wanadoo who gave said 98 has problems with broadband(?) and I needed a download from a web site that doesn't exist!! Its Win 98, Norton Works 3.0 (including AV version 6), Outpost firewall version 1.0.1817.1645 and Ad-Aware

Any ideas would be gratefully received.



  spuds 22:50 14 May 2004

Are you running AMD with a K7 motherboard.If so, then could be a problem here. Thomson support are aware of this problem.

  csqwared 09:47 15 May 2004

Thanks for the responses guys, the site they directed me to was click here which redirected me elsewhere. It is AMD but with Lex BN780 PRO mobo which is VIA KT-133 chipset. Sorry I haven't responded earlier, working nights and just got in. Will have a look at your suggestions later (off to bed now)and see what happens.

Thanks once again


  spuds 11:55 15 May 2004

That's the one. VIA or SIS chipset. Could be the problem.Sorry that I cannot help further, best to take this up with Thompson/SpeedTouch support.

  csqwared 17:48 15 May 2004

Thanks for your time and advice. The web site at The Scream hit the nail on the head - exactly the problem and solution. I had tried the speedtouch/supuser site and downloaded/installed the latest(??)drivers and comparing the two downloads the second one has more to it. An interesting side effect from all this was I lost my printer and had to do a complete re-install. Computers eh - good fun or what?

Thanks once again


  spuds 11:41 16 May 2004

Ditto.Nothing like having a friendly forum (;o))

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