Problem with soundcard

  redbarron 13:01 20 Dec 2007

Since doing a complete PC system reinstall my 'Creative Soundblaster 5.1 Live' sound card will not work.

I have also found that the software/hardware is causing a conflict with the following programs.

1. Internet connection.
2. Antivirus Software.
3. Printer.

Although the above items still function, their icons will not display in both 'Control Panel' or 'Start Menu'.

It doesn't seem to make any difference even if I uninstall the software. It's not untill I remove the sound card completely that the above items return to normal and function correctly.

I'm not sure what is going on, as the sound card was working fine before the reinstall. And although the software that came with the sound card appears to install ok, none of the soundcard functions want to work.

As I don't have another PC to test it on I'm a bit reluctant to go and fork out for another sound card if this one is still serviceable.

Hopefully someone can help please. Thank you.

  Press Man 13:17 20 Dec 2007


Do you get any sound/sounds at all, i.e. windows sounds, can you listen to a cd?

  redbarron 14:10 20 Dec 2007

Not a thing, apart from a little resinating bleep now and again when I open a file or program.

If it is of any help, which I forgot to mention in my first message.When the sound card was installed my PC would take an age to boot up and shut down. Sometimes it would not shut down at all. This resulted in pressing the reset button on the tower unit to free the system up.

  Snrub 14:36 20 Dec 2007

Are'nt computers fun!! Having similar problems with my sound card after a microsoft recommended update for security reasons. Sorry, I know this is of no help but hopefully might stimulate someone to take on the challange of solving the problem.

  Coffee Adict 15:30 20 Dec 2007

Have you tried just un-installing the drivers, something mucked up my sound a week after getting new laptop, not quite as drastic as your prob, but I eventually un-installed the drivers, turned of computer and then let Windows search for drivers when I restarted, it worked for me.

  redbarron 16:14 20 Dec 2007

Tried that.Sytem would recognise and install the hardware. But as soon as I added the soundblaster software it all went pair shaped. I assume I need the sofware on the disc to make the sound blaster features work?

  britto 18:42 20 Dec 2007

click here
I have the same card this driver 2nd down works well assuming your on xp

  mrwoowoo 19:26 20 Dec 2007

since you are having conflictions try installing the soundcard driver in safemode.

  Press Man 11:30 21 Dec 2007


All I can suggest is for you to remove the card uninstall all sound card drivers and clean up anything that is left over with CCleaner. Then replace the card and turn on PC. When the card is detected and asks "do you want to install" etc, say "no" to all, you will then be told your new hardware might not work etc etc. Disconnect from internet and be sure to close all other applications, AV, spyware programs etc. Then try loading the software for the card from the disc that came with the card.

  redbarron 13:24 21 Dec 2007

All is now in the redbarron household. I contacted 'Creative' by email yesterday outlining my problem. They replied quickly with the solution that fixed everything. The updted drivers were what was required.

Below is the email with easy to follow instructions. I don't know if it made any difference or not but I turned of my antivirus software before installing the updated drivers.
Hopefully this information will help others with a similar problem.

Thanks everyone for you input. And a Merry Christmas to you all.

From Creative 22/12/2007

Here are a few suggestions that you can try in order to resolve the issue of your Live! 5.1.
We do apologize if the steps may have been
suggested before or seem repetitive but they contain useful information to help resolve your issue.

1. Please uninstall ALL Creative drivers and applications by following the steps outlined on the article below.
Uninstalling Sound Blaster Drivers and
click here

2. Once uninstalled, please remove the card from the computer and
restart the PC twice. Make sure that there are no remnants of the card on Device Manager.

3. Shut down the PC and install the card on the original slot. Make sure that you stop any
attempt by Windows to install the card
automatically. Install the card on its own.

In case the issue is still there, please dowload the XP firmware version found on our Singapore site.

a. Go to click here
b. Select Sound Blaster / Live! / Live! 5.1 then click NEXT
c. Select ENGLISH / WINDOWS XP / ALL then click GO!
d. Please read the "Show Details..." portion of the download for reminders and installation instructions
e. The File needed is Sound Blaster Live! - LiveDrvUni-Pack (English)

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