Problem with Sound device?

  Bonzy 16:57 04 May 2006

Hello all. I bought a Win XP Home last week and set it up together with speaker and printer. What's left to do is install MS Office and get internet connectivity through an ISP. Booting is fine since XP is preinstalled. Unfortunately it appears it has a sound problem. When I sent Beethoven's Symphony # 9 from the Sample Music folder on the h/drive to play it failed to play. When I did, Windows Media Player opened with the following error message.

"Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there's a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly."

I clicked on the "More Information" botton. Windows Media Player Error Centre opened and in Contents tab was highlighted, "COOD11BA: Cannot play the file". What does this point to and what can I do to hear my speakers blast? Thanks.

  aca 18:23 04 May 2006

Do you know whether you have onboard sound or a sound card installed? If yes:

Might be that problem with the drivers. Go into the Control Panel. Open System, Hardware, Device Manager in there look for your sound device. Might have a question mark or a exclamation mark. Indicating problem. Click on the sound device and the window will give you details (whether device installed correctly etc)

If you PC has onboard sound you might want to remove the device. Restart windows and the Hardware Wizard should find and reinstall drivers.

Alternatively if you have a PCI Sound Card you might have driver disk or could find the make/model of card and find drivers on web.

A further option is to use the XP Troubleshooter which you can use to tie down hardware problems.

  Bonzy 12:52 07 May 2006

Thanks, aca.
Yes, I went into Device Manager and found the sound device without exclamation marks or question marks - clean! On clicking the + mark against "Sound, video and game controlers", the following items appeared with loudspeaker icons on all of them:
Audio codecs
Legacy Audio Drivers
Legacy video capture Devices
Media Control devices
MPU-401 compatible MIDI device
Standard Game port
Video codecs

There were questions marks next to "+Other Devices" only. When I expanded this device i item was listed which also had a yellow question mark. This item is listed as "PCI Modem".
Does this make you se things clearer?
I look forward to reading from you. Thanks.

  wobblymike 16:24 07 May 2006

open up the add hardware wizard from within control panel and see if you have a multimedia audio device showing with a yellow exclamation mark showing through it - your problem sounds exactly like you have no sound drivers installed this will prove it or otherwise.

  Strawballs 18:01 07 May 2006

if this is a new system take it back and complain

  Stuartli 18:16 07 May 2006

Do you have a motherboard disk with the system?

If you do, boot up the system with it in the drive and Windows should Find New Hardware and install the drivers as prompted.

Re the modem. It again probably requires the driver installing.

The same installation method should work with the modem.

  Victoria28 10:52 06 Nov 2006

You dont have any disc and windows says it could not find any drivers for the sound card?

  Stuartli 10:59 06 Nov 2006

As this query is six months old it's probably been sorted by now...:-)

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