problem with sound card

  carlinglover 10:30 16 May 2005

since reinstalling xp on my pc i can no longer play music i get the following message"Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly."
i have no idea what to look for and how to fix the problem as i dont know much about pcs so can anybody tell me in idiots terms how to fix this?
ty for any help u may be able to give


  huzzar 10:53 16 May 2005

while you are waiting for a reply to your plea why not type "sound Card" into the search box, there are lots of similar queries and answers in there.

best of luck

  gudgulf 11:01 16 May 2005

Have you reinstalled the souncards drivers?

  carlinglover 11:02 16 May 2005

have no idea how to install any drivers or what it is lol

  gudgulf 12:38 16 May 2005

OK..........lets see just what you need to do.You need to look in Device Manager for a start.Click on Start and then right click My Computer.Select Properties and then click on the Hardware tab in the box that opens.Now select Device Manager and have a look at the list that opens are looking for yellow explaination marks.If you see any make a note of how many and what categories are marked with them and post that information on here.

If you have reinstalled XP from scratch then there are a number of things that need drivers installing seperately to work properly.These include your sound card (whether onboard or a pci card),your graphics card (although XP does carry its own basic drivers for many cards)and your motherboard chipset (which includes the AGP graphics support/usb and other functions).So the question is how did you go about reinstalling XP? Tell us this and we will help you sort out your pc,lol.

  carlinglover 12:59 16 May 2005

ty for your response
i look at what you said and under "sound,video and game controllers i have 2 yellow exclaimation marks
1: c-media ac97 audio device
mpu-401 compatable midi device..
when we reinstalled xp it was in safe mode coz we couldnt get on at all and we did it from the xp home edition disc

  gudgulf 13:32 16 May 2005

Good,we're getting somewhere.Please download and run Everest Home click here
and click on the "Computer" icon and the select "summary".The information I need is as follows:

Motherboard name eg Asus p4p800 (whatever you have)

Chipset name eg Intel 865(whatever is listed for your pc)

Audio Adapter name C-Media AC97....need model number

Graphics Adapter name eg Radeon 9600 or Sis (again whatever you have listed)

With that information I'll be able to give you some links for the software drivers you need to install to sort out your problem.

There is just one other thing that would be helpfull to know.Did you use the XP home disc to upgrade from a previous version of Windows or to repair a duff installation?.

  carlinglover 13:47 16 May 2005

motherboard=ecs k755a
chipset=sis 735
audio adapter=sis 7012
cant see graphics adapter on there
thanks again for your help

  carlinglover 13:50 16 May 2005

and we re installed xp due to a problem with the previous xp it wasnt an upgrade

  gudgulf 14:30 16 May 2005

click here for SiS 7012 audio drivers.These will dowload as a zip file.....simply unzip and double click the file and it will install them.

Do this first and see if it gets your sound back.

Then open Device Manager again and see if the yellow exclaimation marks have gone.Whilst there click on the + sign by Display Adapters.That should tell you what your graphics card is if you can't find anything in Everest Home.

I would leave the chipset drivers for the time being.Windows has a fairly good selection of these in its own database, and since you did a repair install it might have picked up your original drivers.

  carlinglover 14:35 16 May 2005

went to the web site you gave me but got so many things on there like regestry fix etc
in noob terms what do i click on to dowload?
thanks again 4 your help

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