Problem With Sound

  [email protected]© 17:25 12 Jan 2010

I have my PC connected to my Flat Screen TV. The Video is DVI to HDMI and the sound is phono (3mm jack). The problem is that there is a buzzing (continuous) and a beeping (every 2 - 3 secs) and gets worse the louder I put the TV. How can I overcome this please? Thanks.

  OTT_Buzzard 18:11 12 Jan 2010

First try a different audio cable. The buzzing you are hearing could be from a worn cable or dirty connections.

Not sure about the beeping. Does it sound like a generated beep? Could it be that there's an application on the PC causing it?

  [email protected]© 18:16 12 Jan 2010

It is a brand new cable and nothing is running at the sametime.

  OTT_Buzzard 18:21 12 Jan 2010

I hate to say it, but brand new or not, it doesn't mean that it isn't damaged.

Does the buzzing get and beeping get quieter if you turn the volume on the PC down?

  [email protected]© 18:23 12 Jan 2010

When its connected to the TV I use the volume control on the TV.

  Fingees 18:24 12 Jan 2010

are you sure it takes a 3mm not a 3.5mm jack?

It sounds like the cable screen is not connecting, therefore picking up electrical noises..

Try a new cable.
Do you still get the noise if only the sound cable connected without video cable?.

  [email protected]© 18:27 12 Jan 2010

Yes it is 3.5, that was a typo. I will try without video shortly.

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