Problem with sound

  northerngirl 18:13 26 Oct 2008

I have just finished a fresh install of Windows XP but have two problems I need some help with please.

I tried to test the sound and got a message saying that I have no sound card on the computer and the volume icon is no longer on the task bar.

Where the @ symbol used to be on my keyboard now is " and vice versa.

Please help!!

  skidzy 20:32 26 Oct 2008

Regarding the @ symbol;

Missing @ Symbol

Normally this is a result of having a system set up for the US and not UK

Workaround solution: (1)

( Press and hold Shift + 2 ) should give = @

Changing your system keyboard configuration to uk in XP

Click Start / Control Panel / Switch to Classic View - click regional and language settings - looks like a globe

Select the region that you want then click on advanced - ensure there is a tick in the very bottom box that apples it to every user and default user setting.

Now goto the languages tab - select the region that you want - then click on the add button.

In the little box if you have another region in there as well - select it then click on the remove button.

Now click apply and then ok - then restart your pc - that should sort that out for you.

This is assuming you have Windows XP Home/Professional.

If you have the drivers and utilities disc,install everything on it.

If you dont,please post the motherboard make and model number and we can find your sound driver.
A common sound driver is the realtec ac97 but this is not to say this is yours (only a guess at the moment ) click here

  northerngirl 21:10 26 Oct 2008

Hi Skidzy

I have Windows Home but not the disc.
I had two yellow triangles on Device manager and now I believe I need a SM Bus Controller. I am completely out of my depth here.

  skidzy 21:22 26 Oct 2008

Do you have sp2 installed or even sp3 ?
Have you been to Microsoft Update since the reinstall ?

First step is to get patched up first from Microsoft,this may sort the SM Bus controller.

Just make sure you have your Antivirus installed before going online.
For reference click here

  northerngirl 21:43 26 Oct 2008

Thanks again.

I haven't long finished the installation so haven't got the service pack 2 yet, as apparently it is to take about 5 hours.There are some updates going on right now.

  skidzy 21:58 26 Oct 2008

Let the updates do there work for now NG,just for reference you can download sp2 and save to disc for any future relevance (reinstalls) click here

Will pop in tomorrow and see how you are getting along :-))

  northerngirl 06:32 27 Oct 2008

Thanks a lot skidzy, your help is very much appreciated.

Windows has done a few updates and but cannot find the necessary software to install the SM Bus Controller. :(

I have no idea how to find the motherboard make and serial number, but is that the same as the mainboard? (stop laughing).

  iscanut 09:01 27 Oct 2008

I know that this may be as clear as mud, but worth a read
click here

  123joey123 09:19 27 Oct 2008

Download jalbum It will tell you all about your computer

  123joey123 09:29 27 Oct 2008

Sorry, thate should have been belarc.
That's the trouble with computing so early in the morning

  123joey123 09:30 27 Oct 2008

Sorry, thate should have been belarc.
That's the trouble with computing so early in the morning

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