problem with skype not working

  kim12 08:58 03 Aug 2012

I have happily used Skype for many years. In the last few days it has decided not to produce any sound at all.

I can see my friends, but can't talk to them, because I have no sound. I run XP, and have used Skype for many years.

My sound is via a large (but great!)set of speakers and the appropriate pink and green sockets which USED to plug in to provide really good sound.I also have a yellow socket, which doesn't appear to do anything, whether in or out. I am beginning to wonder if my sound card has died?

I have also tried system restore at various dates, and that isn't working either, it just tells me that there is nothing to restore!

Please help, if you can - I feel so silly trying to talk to distant friends in semaphore!!

  birdface 09:23 03 Aug 2012

Sorry I know nothing about Skype but my sister in law uses it and sometimes she hears us but we can't hear her.

Her husband says that's because she forgets to turn her sound on.He tells her to see if it will play music and she say's no.He then tells her to turn her sound on and it works fine.

She is only a bit of a newbie on skype so forgets little things like that.

As you have checked your connections it probably is not that.Also if you have the speakers switched on make sure you have volume turned up.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:52 03 Aug 2012

"......I am beginning to wonder if my sound card has died?"

What happens when you play some music, or listen to a CD, or watch something on YouTube? If you can hear the audio OK then there's nothing wrong with your sound card so you next need to check your Skype settings:

Open Skype and click the "Tools" menu then "Options". In the left-hand pane, click on "Audio Settings". In the "Speakers" section make sure the correct device is selected. If in doubt see if there's another audio device you can select. Also make sure the "Volume" settings look correct too.

  Sea Urchin 12:03 03 Aug 2012

Check all your pc and Skype settings as per this link

XP settings for Skype

As Secret-Squirrel says it's unlikely to be your sound card. These settings can become corrupted by seemingly unrelated updates or such like.

  Woolwell 18:20 06 Aug 2012

Later thread It would have been better sticking to one thread. You do not appear to have responded to Secret-Squirrel's post.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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