Problem 'Sharing' bandwidth, even on same PC

  GrahamDuffield 06:55 04 Dec 2014

I have a new HP Envy on Windows 8, and a Bt Home Hub 3 as my router... broadband / network speeds are generally good (6Mbps download, 500Mbps Wireless transfer to my NAS device) but...

Since getting my new laptop, I can generally only do ONE thing across the network - If I copy a file to my NAS, my internet dies during the transfer. If I am downloading from the internet, copying speed to my NAS drops like a stone or the connection dies entirely.

Literally the connections die - its not just slow loading - pages aren't found!

Any ideas at all? Any hints I can try - it was fine on my old laptop!

Thanks in advance!

  mole1944 07:25 04 Dec 2014

Have you tried resetting your home hub (turn it on and off), setting the hub to a different channel to stop co channel interference (i'm with virgin so no idea how to do it on home hub, finally disconnect then reconnect your laptop to the wifi,being with Virgin i have a standard 50Mbps connection and i have no problem either with the net or my Nas drive,even when i have 4 items using it at once.

  GrahamDuffield 09:57 04 Dec 2014

Thanks Both,

Yes Home Hub reset plenty of times, channel both selected manually based on wifi analyzers and auto.

Sounds like it might be the router is a bit crap then... any recommendations for a replacement? (Inexpensive but effective!)

  GrahamDuffield 10:09 04 Dec 2014

This one more suitable?

click here

  wee eddie 15:27 04 Dec 2014

Facts of life, dear boy.

Your connection can only handle so much traffic. If you are using the bandwidth for one thing, only a weird turn of logic would suggest that you get the same speeds as if you were not.

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