Problem with SH4 on Windows7

  Socks33 16:21 29 May 2010

Hi, I wonder if somebody can help me with a problem I have with my PC.
For the last few month I'm suffering from crashes with SH4. Windows tells me to restart the PC because of insufficient memory. It only happens with SH4, sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes after 30 minutes. I'm using Windows7 Ultimate (gift of Microsoft), before that I was using XP Pro and was suffering the same problem. I have installed the latest patch from Ubisoft, but the problem remains. Ubisoft assures me that the game should be fine on my system. All other programs are running fine. I know my system is old, but I can't spare the money to upgrade right now. My specs are:
AMD 4800 X2 2.8 GHz
Gigabyte Cooler (24º- 25º when idle)
Asus A8N SLI Deluxe
1x Nvidea 7950GTI 512mb
2x 1GB Crucial DDR400
Aero Engine II case
Akasa PSU 400w on single graphic card, 500w in SLI mode

I am using the front 140mm fan and 2x120mm fans at the back and side panel, all drivers are up to date, including Windows7.

I don't know what to do, should I be looking at another 7950GTI card for an SLI set up, or do I have another option?
Your help is much appreciated
Thank you

PS: I never over clocked my system.

  gengiscant 17:41 29 May 2010

Your PC should easily manage this game looking at the specs here click here so unsure what to suggest,could try this you,
click here this will turn off most of your unneeded back round processes. I have tried it myself but really have not got a clue as to whether it works as I have quite a high spec self build anyway, and there isn't a game out there that I cannot run on high settings. But I think it might be worth a try. Remember to switch everything back on after gaming.

  AL47 19:33 29 May 2010

when i had my old core 2 duo t7600 laptop with 7950gtx it played fine

should be fine on what you have, the issue is else where

drivers etc

  Socks33 12:40 30 May 2010

Thanks everyone for your help. Especialy gengiscant. I downloaded Game Booster and used it before starting SH4, plus I deleted about 3.5GB of saved game files to keep the stress on the system to a minimum. The game is now far more responsive and no crash so far. So again thank you all!. Sorry, must dash and do some more damage to the Japanese Navy and get me some Convoys.

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