problem setting up wireless printer

  guyshahar 12:56 24 Mar 2012

I may be naive here, but I've just bought a Panasonic KX-MB2000E printer , installed the software provided and set it up to work with my laptop via a cable. However, I want it to work wirelessly as well (I have a wireless router at home through which the computers connect to the internet)

I followed the instructions in the manual, and entered the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway (that I got from doing a search on "ipconfig/all"), and I thought that would be enough to make it work wirelessly.. But it still doesn't work. It tells me that there it still doesn't detect a printer or scanner when I try to print and scan without the cable inserted. What am I missing (I hope it is something simple.....)

  difarn 15:39 24 Mar 2012

I believe that this model is a network printer and does not have wireless capability. The operating manual seems to indicate this.

Do you have the facility on your router to attach your printer by ethernet cable to that - this would then be a printer server and all of your pc's can use it remotely.

  guyshahar 16:10 24 Mar 2012

Thank you - yes, I could do this. Would I need to do anything else, or would it just work then without any further configuration.

  difarn 16:53 24 Mar 2012

First of all I would uninstall the printer from your laptop. Once you plug the printer into the router, it should assign an IP address to the printer automatically. Go to the control panel and click on Printers and Devices. Then click Add Printer. Select add Network Printer and it will find the printer sitting out there on the network as it's IP address is in the same pool as your network. Select the printer and it will then try to connect to the printer. At this point, it may start to ask for Drivers. Click on the Have disk button and go to the Printer Drivers CD and select Autorun.inf, this will automatically detect the signed drivers for the printer. It will then install the drivers that are needed.

Fingers crossed.

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