Problem with setting up a wired home network

  Kute Kitty 10:12 12 Aug 2007

Hi there,

I have searched the forum for this problem but haven't found anything relevant - if I missed something it's through my ignorance of the subject, not because I didn't try!

My partner and I are trying to network our two computers together, using a Netgear GS605 wired router. Currently, both computers are connected to the router, the broadband modem is connected to the router, he is able to get online but I am not (I'm currently using his computer). My computer does detect the network but doesn't appear able to access it. It's as if the computers know that they are networked to something but aren't able to detect each other.

There was no installation CD with the router, we just ran the Windows network setup wizard. We're both on Windows XP.

Can anyone please offer any advice or help? Preferably in simple language, I am not ignorant of computers by any means but this is way beyond my experience.

Thank you very much!

  Ashrich 11:06 12 Aug 2007

Have you tried accessing the network and the internet with your firewall(s) disabled , just as a starter .

Are both the PC's in the same workgroup ( defaults to MSHOME )

What online security are you using ( Norton etc. )


  Kute Kitty 11:59 12 Aug 2007

We've tried disabling the firewalls to no avail, they are both in the same workgroup and the online security is McAfee

  Strawballs 17:05 12 Aug 2007

Have you gone into internet options on the one that does not work and check that it is set to connect to internet via lan

  brundle 17:21 12 Aug 2007

If I recall, you need to add the network address range to your `Trusted IPs` in the Mcafee firewall.
Though you say you've disabled both firewalls, so maybe thats not the answer.

Go into Control Panel/Network Connections, right click Local Area Connection, select Properties, click TCP/IP, click Properties, Advanced, click WINS, ensure Enable NETBios over TCP/IP is ticked (both machines). Reboot.

  brundle 17:22 12 Aug 2007

Make sure Client for MS Networks and File & Printer Sharing also show in the Local Area Connection properties windows.

  Kute Kitty 08:29 13 Aug 2007

I've tried all of that but no joy so far.

I have a feeling that the problem might be to do with the IP address - just a hunch. I lost the internet connection for a time yesterday on my partner's PC, but was able to reinstall the modem using the CD provided by Virgin. I tried to do the same on my own PC and got error messages about the IP address.

I have manually set the IP address to be the same as my partner's, with only the last digit different, because it was our understanding that this would be necessary. If I run the Windows "repair" function on the network it seems to be fine. If, however, I tell the computer to obtain the IP address automatically and run the "repair" function, it gives the message "Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action could not be completed: Renewing your IP address."

I manually set the subnet mask to be the same on my computer as on my partner's.

  brundle 09:39 13 Aug 2007

Your Netgear is a switch, what model is your actual modem? Ensure both PCs use DHCP (ie they automatically pick an IP address). This device will just hand out a small range of IP addresses - no management available in the same manner as a router.

  brundle 09:42 13 Aug 2007

What IP address does either machine have when it's working ok?

  Kute Kitty 16:14 13 Aug 2007

Having realised today at PC world that what we actually have is a switch - and therefore not what we needed - my partner is on his way now to change it for a router, which will hopefully work and let us both online at once! (Neither of us has done this before, we honestly didn't know the difference)

Thanks for your help all.

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