Problem setting up LAN with Netgear Router

  Nosmas 14:11 16 Jul 2006

My system is XP Home SP2 with all MS Updates fully up to date. I am endeavouring to set up a LAN using a Netgear WGR614 v6 Router connected to an X-Modem with Ethernet connection. The modem is a recent replacement for my original ADSL modem which only had a USB connection, but is working OK and is in use for making this posting. Using the Netgear Smart Wizard for the router setup process, I eventually get to a point where it is asking for the Static IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway, and Primary and Secondary DNS servers. I feel that this should not be necessary as the Netgear Tutorial shows a means of getting to Local Area Connection Properties, selecting TCP/IP then selecting 'Obtain an IP Address automatically'. On my system both 'Obtain an IP Address automatically' and 'Obtain DNS server address automatically' are both selected, so why is the relevant info not being passed to the Netgear Wizard?

My ISP allocates a Static IP which I know and have confirmed by looking at my account settings on the ISP's website. From that site I have also found the Primary and Secondary DNS servers settings. The one thing I couldn't find is the Gateway setting. However I have run Belarc Advisor on my system and it reports the Gateway setting. It also shows the Static IP but the fourth figure is followed by "/24" (without quotes), and the subnet mask has '0' instead of '255' in the final group. (Can anyone explain why these are at variance from what I see on my ISP's site?) Trying permutations of these settings still results in the wizard being unable to connect to the Internet and enable the wireless feature of the router.

I would appreciate all suggestions please, but as I am in completely new territory (networks) please do not get too technical.

  nob14 14:19 16 Jul 2006

Ideally you should get a router with an ADSL modem built in. Is it too late to change it?

  Nosmas 15:50 16 Jul 2006

Afraid it is. My son, who is better informed in these matters than I, advised getting just the same Netgear router as he has, forgetting that my ADSL modem was a USB instead of Ethernet connection.

The tech person at AdslNation (makers of he X-Modem) assured me that it will work with the Netgear WGR614, and I am sure it will. I just need to find out why the settings are not being forwarded from my system to the router, and why the settings I have put in don't work.

  Nosmas 18:58 16 Jul 2006

Any ideas please?

  nob14 21:26 16 Jul 2006

good luck but it would be alot easier with a combined router modem.

  Nosmas 22:47 16 Jul 2006

Many thanks. Glad to say I managed to contact my son who was able to talk me through various set-up details and eventually we got it to work. Eureka! I am at this moment accessing the Internet through the modem and router.

The problem seemed to hinge on changing the default selection on one of the Wizard screens from No to Yes in answer to the question 'Does your Internet connection require a login?' This brought up another set of settings which ultimately ensured the successful completion of the configuration.

  ade.h 23:37 16 Jul 2006

If you get any more network problems, post in Networking, as you'll get more responses there. I'll spot it at least.


  nob14 08:57 17 Jul 2006

great stuff glad your sorted.

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