Problem with setting up file sharing on XP Pro

  associates 11:58 14 Nov 2005

I have a several computers on my LAN. One of the computers is the file server. There are a shared folder on C:\mysharedfiles that is currently shared on the network. There is no a proper permission set on that folder. This means anyone can access to it. What i'd like to do is to set a permission on that. So what i've done is that i've found some help on the internet. I followed the procedure. What i've done for a testing only is as follows

1. turned off the simple file sharing
2. set up a user
3. go to the shared folder called aaa -> click on sharing and security -> under sharing, select the share this folder, then permission, add the user (Full Control) & remove everyone -> apply and OK
-> then go to security tab, add the group (Full Control)

After having done all that, i went to the other computer that has its simple file sharing turned off as well. I went to my network places folder, and i could actually see that folder. When i clicked on the folder, it said that it is not accessible, permission denied... contact administrator.

Can anyone please tell me where i did wrong here?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

  DieSse 17:50 14 Nov 2005

Have you restarted both systems since you modified the settings?

  Maturin 18:07 14 Nov 2005

Random access to files acros my network of three PCs at home. The main issue seems to be the firewall settings (Norton 2005; Norton 2006; ZOne Alarm). All have to have network in 'trusted' area of firewall.

BTW, this topic maybe better managed in 'network' area. It is a common problem that can be due to one of many different issues.


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