problem with sending emails

  eileen oakley 18:51 03 Apr 2012

i have today set up a new email address (with help from a friend) using a domain that i own. I went to their house to do this. After setting it up we tested it - I receievd an email from him.......and replied to it, I received an email from another friend.......and replied to it all with success. I then came home and although i appear able to recieve emails into this 'new' account i can not send any out and these are staying blocked in my outbox. This does not make any sense!

  mgmcc 19:06 03 Apr 2012

When you set up your email at the friend's house, you will have used their ISP's SMTP server to send mail. If your own ISP is a different one, you need to use your ISP's SMTP server when connected to your home broadband service.

This is the way ISPs restrict access to their outgoing mail server to their own customers, to avoid it being used to send spam.

  Batch 18:01 04 Apr 2012

If you are still stuck, suggest you post back here with:

-- Details of the email client that you use (e.g. Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Incredimail)

-- Details of your ISP

  eileen oakley 19:51 05 Apr 2012

thanks both for your advice. I have today managed to set up the new email address using my domain and also using outlook rather than windows live. I used IRMP instead of POP went with the settings that came up and only had to change the outgoing smtp bit.......having tested it everything seems to be working ok. what a huge relief :-)

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