Problem sending email messages from abroad

  riverstar 11:56 10 Aug 2014

I have a email account with tiscali (now talk talk) and use outlook on my laptop this works perfectly well when in the UK however as soon as I go abroad although I can still receive emails I cant send it just sits there in my outbox. It used to work fine but suddenly started to cause problems last year, I have tried the Talk Talk helpline to no avail.

Does anyone have any idea whats going on and how to fix it

  Jollyjohn 12:17 10 Aug 2014

It is a setting or security on your SMTP - outgoing mail server, possibly trying to connect to the wrong port number.

Look here click here and click on the + sign for your eMail address and check settings

If that doesn't fix it, a workaround would be to log into talk talk webmail and send from there.

  Peter 13:07 10 Aug 2014


I've just returned from Mallorca where, although the hotel wi-fi signal strength was good, I had a lot of problems logging in. I found that when I corrected the time zone settings on the Samsung tablet and smartphone the problems were solved.

Perhaps you need to check that the clock on your laptop is set to the local time in the time zone settings?


  Batch 13:26 10 Aug 2014

I'm guessing that your ISP is talktalk and that your outgoing tiscali mail is being sent out using the talktalk SMTP (outgoing mail) servers.

With most (not all) providers, to send email over their servers you have to be connected to their broadband service. That's how it will be when you are at home.

However, some ISPs (such as Plusnet) allow you to send mail through their servers when you are not connected to their broadband. BUT you have to set up your email account in your email software to log in (effectively to the ISPs SMTP server) when sending. Others may know if this works with talktalk and be able to guide you through setting up your email to handle this.

An alternative solution that I have found works sometimes is to find out the SMTP server details for the local ISP of the WiFi service your are using (e.g. your hotel's ISP). E.g. in Spain I've often found that the hotel is using a Telefonica service and I've googled for the Telefonica SMTP servers and set these up in my email software for the outgoing mail.

Lastly, just use a different email account that will allow you to send email from anywhere (e.g. gmx or gmail).

  Batch 13:29 10 Aug 2014

Also, if you decide to try JollyJohn's suggestion of using webmail - it's a good idea to BCC yourself on each email sent so that when you download your email to your PC you've got a copy of the sent mail on your PC.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:47 10 Aug 2014

Chaps, Jollyjohn has given the solution to the OP's problem. Riverstar simply needs to reconfigure his TalkTalk SMTP settings by setting the port number to 587, enabling SMTP authentication, and providing his email address and password. When that's done he'll be able to send regardless of whether he's connected to his home broadband or using an Internet connection abroad.

Riverstar, you can test whether the tweaks have worked by taking your laptop to a friend or neighbour's house who do not use TalkTalk as their ISP. If you can send an email from there then it'll work anywhere in the world.

  Batch 14:44 10 Aug 2014


Using the tiscali SMTP server with authentication should work. I've just tried it myself and it worked straight away (I still have a number of old tiscali email addresses but moved to other ISPs years ago - so was easy to test).

  riverstar 18:50 10 Aug 2014

Thanks for the advice and I will try it all.

Batch, I do use other email accounts the problem is that my tiscali address is published on various sites in connection with my occupation so I often get enquiries on tiscali but have to reply on yahoo which often confuses people even though I have explained the reason why.

The tiscali address worked fine for years when I was working in SE Asia but suddenly stopped working

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