Problem sending attachments with emails.

  ribo 10:27 26 Jul 2003

Hello, I do not know if anyone out there can help me. I have a "Clip". It has animations, colours and music. I got it as an attachment from someone, I saved it and then sent it to a friend. When he opened it,all he got was a lot of text and codes. No colour,no animations,no music. I can send it to myself and it is fine.
We are both on the same BB connection (NTL) we both have XP home,we both have norton AV and Norton Firewall. Any ideas please. Thanks J

  powerless 10:29 26 Jul 2003

Send the file as a ZIP.

Disable AV and FW whilst sending.

  ribo 10:43 26 Jul 2003

Thanks Powerless, I shall do that. But it does not explain why I can send it to myself ok and not to him. J

  powerless 10:45 26 Jul 2003

What file extesnion does the file have?

If your friend has not got the application to open the file with that might explain it.

  ribo 10:52 26 Jul 2003

The type of file says "outlook express mail message". opens with "outlook express" I got this info from the properties. The icon looks like a white envelope. any help? J

  powerless 10:53 26 Jul 2003

No, the clip.

The file Extension of the clip?

  ribo 11:03 26 Jul 2003

I am sorry to appear dim (well not appear). The "Cip " I am taking about was an attachment in an email I received. I saved this to disk. I put it in "My Docs" The file looks like a white envelope and the properties are as I have stated. I do not know where the file extension would be. I shall have another look- No cannot see anything. Sorry. Thanks for your help. J

  graham√ 11:12 26 Jul 2003

The extension is the letters after the .

So if it said xyz.exe, the extension is 'exe'

  ribo 11:16 26 Jul 2003

Thanks Graham for your input. I know what the extension is,what I cannot do,is find them. any ideas where to kook? J

  powerless 11:22 26 Jul 2003

The file extension of that email will be .eml < The envelope you can see...

The clip will be within that email. Open the email and save the attachment seperately.

Then send the attachment (the clip) and do not send the mail message, which it looks like you are doing now.

  ribo 11:43 26 Jul 2003

Thank you so much for your help. I saved the clip by clicking on the paperclip,then I clicked "save to disk" I cannot think what I am doing wrong. Perhaps the attachment was an email to start off with. Is that possible? J

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