Problem selling on eBay??

  Simsy 18:35 23 Mar 2007


I've sold a lot on eBay in the past, but not for a while... Now I'm doing something wrong but I can't figure out what...

I'm trying to sell a stick of RAM, but when I get to the bit when you enter seling details it wont let me enter a sensible reserve price, insisting that it's "at least £50.00"

It's a stick of 512M Pc2100 so that's obviously far too high... what am I doing wrong? I'm sure I must be missing something obvious. I've not even entered any other figures yet!!

Thanks in advance,



  [email protected]© 18:37 23 Mar 2007

Yes on e-bay the minimum reserve is £50. If you don't want it to go for a 'song' set a higher starting price. Although that way it will attract less bidders. Its a gamble!!

  Simsy 18:48 23 Mar 2007

I can't set a starting bid of, say £2 with a, (sensible) reserve of £10 ??

It hasn't always been like that has it?



  [email protected]© 18:51 23 Mar 2007

Yes it has, well as long as I have been doing it. How much are you looking to get for it? If you want say £15 try doing 'Buy-It-Now' with 'Best Offers' and set the BIN price at say £20. Then when someone offers you an amount you can either accept it or decline it until you get offered an amount you are happy with.

  pj123 19:30 23 Mar 2007

Simsy, that is a fairly recent change.

Set your starting bid at whatever minimum price you would accept.

Or as [email protected]© says, do it as a Buy it Now sale.

  Simsy 19:45 23 Mar 2007

It's been a while since I sold anything, hence my confusion!

Seems I wasn't doing anything wrong then!




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