problem with SCSI devices termination

  carlos 20:21 29 Sep 2003

Got a SCSI HD on XP PC - no problems. Soon as I attach a JAZ drive, I get a message on boot-up "insufficient termination detected on the LVD/SE connectors". Be very grateful for explanations. It doesn't affect the PC nor the use of the Jaz drive. The cable from the controller card and the hard drive has a terminator on the end of the cable AND I have set the terminator switch on the back of the Jaz drive to the far right ( terminated, I believe).OK, doesn't appear to cause problems ( yet lol) but am keen to read of any explanations

  carlos 14:59 30 Sep 2003

you never know. Some knowing and kind person may spot this and be good enough to offer explanation

  mrdsgs 17:26 30 Sep 2003

are the hard drive and jaz on the same cable

if so you should not activate termination on the jaz or hd if you have a terminator at the end of the cable

depending on your scsi card, ideally you should have the hd on an lvd cable, probably 68 pin cable (pins on the cable, not on the device)with a terminator to run at maximum speed.

then you should connect the jaz drive to a 50 pin cable (pins on cable, holes on the cable sockets) you should not need to terminate this cable if you can terminate on the jaz drive itself, but if you have a cable terminator you should leave the jaz unterminated.

what scsi card and what connectors does it have?


  Diemmess 17:39 30 Sep 2003

mrsdsgs has said it definitively, I only speak from my own experience and suggest that if you have only one cable from host card to HD and on to the Jaz drive then make sure the HD is not terminated............................

Fit the Jaz drive next and if you have a terminator block fit that at the end of the cable.

I once had HD, CDR, scanner and Jaz all on the same cable. I confess now that almost every termination was initially set wrongly, and I wondered why when I had used the scanner, Windows fell over and needed re-installing!........Well it worked most of the time didn't it!

  Diemmess 17:45 30 Sep 2003

When I said Jaz "next" I should have said "last", i.e. after your HD

  carlos 19:08 30 Sep 2003

The HD is on the internal connector of the 29160 controller card. The jaz drive is external, so is plugged into the external plug of the controller card. This constitutes two separate cables? I only get this message now I've upgraded to XP. No message when it was Win98.

  carlos 19:48 30 Sep 2003

Apologies for not stating that the jaz is external. Understood your comments, if they were both internal

  carlos 13:57 01 Oct 2003

hadn't checked closely enough that auto -termination was set at the back of the drive. It wasn't!!

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