Problem with screen size settings.

  Brazils 23:46 20 Apr 2004

I have a problem that had started recently.

When I alter the screen desktop on my monitor to fit to the edges, when I reboot it is often wrong again and has to be reset. The image either is too tall or moves up, or becomes wider etc.

Monitor Mitsubishi diamond Pro 750SB
ATI radeon 9700 pro (latest drivers)
DirectX 9.0b

It is becoming very annoying.

  matt1234 07:18 21 Apr 2004

it sounds like your monitors playing up contact the manufacter

  matt1234 07:18 21 Apr 2004

it sounds like your monitors playing up contact the manufacter

  Totally-braindead 11:01 21 Apr 2004

I had the same problem for about a month, thought my monitor was on the way out but strangely enough it hasn't done it for a couple of weeks now, never thought about it till I read your post. I've recently had a lot of problems trying to install a Radeon 9800 Pro and eventually had to return it, waiting on a replacement just now a GeForce 5900XT and running with no problems on a old(very, very old) S3. You've got me wondering if its something to do with the drivers. Not much help but food for thought.

  Stuartli 11:53 21 Apr 2004

If you go to the Desktop, right click and then enable Properties before opening the Settings tab, you will see an Advanced button.

Clicking on this will reveal a List All Modes button - this will list all the resolutions etc that your graphics card supports.

You may currently be trying to use a combination of resolution, colour and refresh rates that the card is unable to provide.

  Kase 13:11 21 Apr 2004

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 750sb CTR Monitors can be set using NaViSet Softwear for a free download visit Europe: click here.


  Brazils 14:16 21 Apr 2004

Thanks, but your idea is not the problem. I am experienced and know my way around the graphic card's properties options.

I'm beginning to think it's to do with DirectX

  Stuartli 15:02 21 Apr 2004

Glad my idea isn't a problem rather than possible solution...:-)

I once set my refresh rate too high for a Banshee Voodoo card and appreciate your difficulties - it took hours to get anything back other than a blank screen.

Here's some others who have had problems on the same lines:

click here

click here

  Brazils 23:12 21 Apr 2004


NaViSet downloaded and installed. Everthing is now fine. Screen size and position now perfect, with no sign of changing!

Problem solved. Thanks again.

  Brazils 09:01 22 Apr 2004

Back to square one.

Booted PC this morning and all the settings of screen size and position are up the creek!

This is so annoying.

  Stuartli 09:04 22 Apr 2004

Have you contacted Mitsubishi direct?

It's a top quality company producing superb products (my Mitsubishi H85 Nicam VCR has never missed a beat over 11 years and I know people who are still using its TVs after many years' use), so it could be worth getting in touch.

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