problem with scan disk stopping and restarting

  runnerpete 13:52 18 Jan 2005

When I have an improper shut down and then restart computer,the scan disk starts,gets as far as allocation tables and then checking folders.After 10 seconds or so, it stops, and then restarts checking, only to restart again and then stop.This action is then continually repeated.I have also tried starting scan disk without having an improper shut down, and received the message to close all other open applications, yet scan disk was the only thing being used . Any advice would be most welcome Thank you.

  runnerpete 14:03 18 Jan 2005

omitted to say i am using windows m.e. edition

  Cook2 14:07 18 Jan 2005

Have you tried running it in safe mode?

  Bun 15:29 18 Jan 2005

I had that but when i shut down my zonealarm firewall it was ok. If you are running a antivirus in background it may also pay you to shut it down temporarily.
Good Luck

  end 15:44 18 Jan 2005

you say that scan disc is the only program "being used"; but what other programs are running even if not "being used"?

I am on Win 98SE, and i will get the message "scan disc has restarted more than 10 times ; you have other programs running ; please shut down all unnecessary programs" or words to that effect ; i go thru what may be your Task Manager and close all unneeded programs that are running "in the background"; this frees-up scan disc and helps stop any other program interfering with the scanning process, and this allows scan dic to complete its task:)

  Technotiger 16:33 18 Jan 2005

Hi, in WinME to shut all other processes - hold down Ctrl/Alt/Del this will bring up a window showing running progs - highlight one and click
on stop (or similar - cant remember exactly) do this individually to each Prog shown, until all you have left is the Scanning prog.

This will then let scan proceed unhindered.


  ami 00:25 19 Jan 2005

With Win ME, in either 'normal' or 'safe mode' after pressing Ctrl/Alt/Del you can shut down all programmes EXCEPT 'Explorer' and 'Systray', which must both be left running, by highlighting each task in turn and clicking on 'end task'.
ScanDisc should not then keep re-starting UNLESS you have a wireless device attached to your computer, a mouse or keyboard, as this will keep sending signals to the machine and cause Scan Disc to re-start.
You may need to attache a conventional 'wired' mouse before starting ScanDisc.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:51 19 Jan 2005

check in device manager that there is no yellow exlcamation marks.
I would then manually run from within windows a full Scandisk and defrag of HDD including any extra HDD's and partitions of HDD.

There is also a known bug with a fix from microsoft site, will see if I can find the K/b No.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:53 19 Jan 2005

any of your Hardware items match like Epson 5xxx scanner ? etc. I will dig deeper and see if anything more on the head.

click here

  Technotiger 14:14 19 Jan 2005

Yes, ami, above, is right - it is all coming back to me now :-) end task all except Expl & S.tray
and of course Scan!!

Cheers - gettin' old y'know :-( long time since I
had WinME.

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