Problem with router on Tiscali Broadband

  herbie53 20:51 05 Jun 2006

Hi, I am on Tiscali 2mb Broadband which has been great using the included USB Sagem Modem, but recently I bought a DLink DSL 504 ADSL router, entered my settings into it, and the router connected to the internet, I get an internet gateway connection on both of my 2 computers, but I cannot access the internet through either of them. Computers are: Dell Dimension 8300 2.8ghz 512mb ram, 80gb hard disk win xp pro, 2nd computer: Home built AMD Sempron 2600, 512mb, 80gb hard drive win xp home. When I run the network setup wizard I can select the internet gateway as the connection for accessing the internet but still cannot access the internet! Then I bought a Sitecom ADSL Router from Maplin - I entered my Tiscali settings into this router - eventually after much fiddling it connected to the internet and was working fine for 30 seconds then disconnected, I was able to do this several times but each time it disconnected after a few seconds and now all I get when trying to connect is "Connect Error". Any help to get this working will be appreciated - I'm getting desperate!

  ade.h 20:57 05 Jun 2006

(Deja vu) Have you configured your client firewalls to allow communications through the LAN?

  herbie53 21:07 05 Jun 2006

I am currently using the Windows Firewall on both computers - I think the windows network setup wizard said it configures the windows firewall automatically - do you think this is true? thanks for your help.

  ade.h 21:16 05 Jun 2006

It's true in a sense, but ICF is well known for its potential to cause networking problems, so it is *possible* that it could be to blame in this case. Either use a decent firewall, like Kerio or Outpost Lite, or don't use one at all.

You only need to run the NSW if/when you are ready to make a workgroup and use file/printer sharing; don't bother running it until your internet access is working through the LAN.

I think that you need to re-assess very carefully the router's setup; you may have made an error.

  herbie53 18:09 06 Dec 2006

Got it sorted - the problem was 2 defunct routers - I now have a Netgear DG834 which works perfectly! :D

  Jimmy14 22:56 06 Dec 2006

That's what router I'm using for Tiscali Broadband and so far so good.

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