problem with router or xbox live??

  second best 19:39 06 Dec 2004

hi, i am unable to share a connetion while on xbox live. this is not a new problem. i have two flatmates. we can only share a game using the same b/b connection of 1.5 mb, for a very short time before being booted from the server. could this be a problem with live or maybe the router. the router was purchased form dabs at a very discounted price a tt eh time, only 40 quid, should have been 100. pc world reckons they were sold off cheap because of this very problem, but i'm not convinced. anyone back this theory up? thanks.

  Lead 21:51 06 Dec 2004

Does the same happen when you play using system link?

Details of your router?

  second best 00:09 09 Dec 2004

hi. there are 'three' xboxes trying to connect using different live accounts, but using the same bb connection. no we can play system link fine, but admittedly, we use a hub for that. we had problems with intermittant ports on the router, which seem to have switched. internet is fine, i think, but we've always had this router. although, direct connection does seem better. basically, i was just expecting someone to say' yes, you cannot connect more than one xbox to live on one bb connection, but this doesnt seem to be the case, therfore it seems there is a problem with the router, cause i have heard no other remark to this matter.

  second best 00:11 09 Dec 2004

we have a linksys router befsr41 wired. it is listed in the xbox live tested routers.

  second best 17:06 11 Dec 2004

so basically, should we be able to share a connection indefinitly, or is there a problem.

  second best 17:20 11 Dec 2004

thanks bela. so , what exatly can or should i do about it, if anyhting at all. crying shame if we can't go online together.

  second best 17:23 11 Dec 2004

what if we plug the tinternet thru the hub first and connect that way.

  SEASHANTY 20:46 11 Dec 2004 for problems with the befsr41 I don't believe it. I have been using the wired befsr41 for over two years to connect three PC's to the inetrnet. No problems. As for xbox - don't use it and don't know anything about it.

  SEASHANTY 20:49 11 Dec 2004

Re your other thread. I have never flashed the firmware of this router. Firmware updates have a habit of going wrong. I am a firm believer in "if it aint broke then dont fix it".

  vinnyo123 21:37 11 Dec 2004

I don't really play that much online but here is a thought.The Router shouls be able to send trffic to right box if they all have IP's. I would check this certain games server to see if you can connect three accoounts on the same public IP.

Maybe some game servers are set up to allow one or two accounts with same public IP.

not sure but just a thought.

  second best 12:20 12 Dec 2004

seashanty, i have checked the xbox live website, and the linksys befsr41 router is listed as a supporited hardware, but only version 3, with specific firmare listed, the version or model i have is version 2. it does not say exactly that v.2 won't work, but as we are having problems then this is all i can conclude. and to add, we can link all pc's to internet without a problem. "if it aint broke, then don't fix it" well, it is broke, or at least there is a problem somewhere, i was advised, at my own risk of course to flash the rom. i'm obviously having problems with xbox live, y account is different and provider is different, had same problem in the last address. going to pc world soon to ask furhter advice and possibly buy abother router.

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