Problem reducing image file for e-mail sending

  dagbladet 15:21 17 Jan 2004

Win XP
IE 6
When i right click an image and select 'send to'...'mail recipetent' i get a box offering a 'do you want to reduce...etc' when I click yes i get an explorer crash with a MIPMAPI error. I have searched the error and carried out the solution on the M/soft knowledebase site. The solution was to go through the process of slecting Outlook as the default mail client. Now when I click to reduce the file size it all works correctly except that it prepares the message in outlook (understandably) and I can only send messages out via AOL (like it or not)
Any clues folks please

  [email protected]@m 16:19 17 Jan 2004

You could upgrade to AOL 8, see if a fresh installation cures it. Type 'upgrade' in the URL box and select Shortcut ...

Or pick up a CD at somewhere like Comet.

It could be AOL and M/S or at odds with the Outlook solution.

  StanH 16:28 17 Jan 2004

I can't help with your problem but you might find this little programme useful

click here

  holly polly 17:23 17 Jan 2004

what kinda file are you sending via email ?,i tend to make a copy of my picture files for sending in emails ,you can use microsoft paint ,or irfanview ,xnview ,highlight the image click save as -i usually save as jpeg ,and then email new image ,incidentally all these programs will reduce the size of a large file just enter and resave -regards-hol pol....

  Stuartli 17:41 17 Jan 2004

If you have big pic files, copy each file, drop the resolution by a half or more and then save as a .jpg.

You should be able to get them down to 20-40KB - in contrast a 1600x1200 (2MP) file sent as a straight .jpg will be between 800-900KB on average.

  bpboonn 19:12 17 Jan 2004

StanH : I have had problems with reducing pic,s Thanks for link. have downloaded prog works well

  dagbladet 21:15 17 Jan 2004

Thanks all. It would seem that it's to do with a MIPMAPI? problem coupled with an AOL/outlook conflict.......or something. Anyway i'm going to download the above utility and give that a bash.

  ianeon 17:41 18 Jan 2004

You coud try "pixresizer" at click here

  dagbladet 20:03 18 Jan 2004

Thanks pixresizer works fine.

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