problem recording sound

  know_nowt 16:18 09 Feb 2010

i would like to record sound that plays from out of my laptop speakers, the sound recorder doesnt pick up the sound from my speakers yet picks up my voice...?? is there anyway i can record what is coming out my speakers? i would be grateful if anyone can help..
Much thanks

  rdave13 16:34 09 Feb 2010

Don't know if this helps. I've Win 7 and use Audacity to record. To set it to record from speakers; right click speaker icon in notification area and select recording devices. Right click on the window and tick boxes 'show disabled devices' and' show disconnected devices'. List should now show 'stereo mix'. Click 'enabled' then set as default.

  know_nowt 16:43 09 Feb 2010

cheers dave i'll give it a go :)

  know_nowt 17:02 09 Feb 2010

hey dave, i cant find the notification area..
i have had a play around with the software, and it will start recording but after about 5 seconds the audio stops recording..? can anyone shred any light on this??

  rdave13 17:06 09 Feb 2010

Notification area is the old system tray. Right hand side of taskbar. You should see the speaker icon there.

  know_nowt 17:15 09 Feb 2010

the version i have downloaded, which is the beta version has no speaker icon which allows me to right click on. ... any suggestions?? thanks for this :)

  rdave13 17:32 09 Feb 2010

OK. What is your operating system? I use windows 7. You'll need to find stereo mix and set at default.
In Audacity select Edit from the toolbar, select preferences from the dropdown menu. Under the Audio I/O tab;
Device- for me shows Speakers (Realtek AC'97 Audio)

Under recording;
Device- Microsoft sound mapper

Channel- 2Stereo.

  know_nowt 17:49 09 Feb 2010

just tried that and no luck :( i am running vista, i have been on sound manager in control panel and no luck there either ?? i am at a loss, any ideas what it could be????

  know_nowt 17:55 09 Feb 2010

i just found this click here

i think it could be my drivers as i have no stereo mix.. could you tell me how i can download the lastest drivers?? many thanks for all your help :)

  rdave13 18:03 09 Feb 2010

As I've tried to explain, apologies for not doing it well :( , look for the speaker icon on the bottom bar on your desktop. It should be on the right hand side. Right click it and see what options are available. I believe stereo mix is hidden and possibly disconnected until you select otherwise.

  rdave13 18:05 09 Feb 2010

Bingo; click here

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