Problem with recently downloaded software

  mohic 09:28 28 Oct 2015

I bought and downloaded a piece of software that I installed. If I close my computer and reboot, the programme isn't there and I have to go to my downloads to reinstall it as the administrator. Once having done that, it works perfectly; until I close down and reboot again. Have I done something wrong? I am a technophobe so easy explanations please.I have a PC with Windows 7 and a laptop with Windows 10 and the software does the same on both computers. Thanks in anticipation.

  alanrwood 10:49 28 Oct 2015

Think we need more info in order to help. What program are you having a problem with. Is it an installable program or is it the sort you simply double click to execute.

  mohic 11:14 28 Oct 2015

The icon for the programme is supposed to be in the hidden icons and a double click is supposed to bring it into action but the icon disappears when I reboot and that is when I have to go to 'Downloads' and right click to run it as administrator. It is a bit of a pain to have to keep doing this.I think it must be what you suggest, a run the exe file.

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