Problem receiving certain TV channels

  ponytail 10:37 29 Aug 2018

Every time I turn the TV on there are about 14 stations which show no signal and in program guide is says no event information.When I check they are being broadcast on channel 29 when they should be channel 40.I can do a digital search and that changes them to channel 40 but the next time the TV is turned back on it shows as channel 29 again it seems as if the TV does not hold the correct channel.I wanted to do a manual search and selected channel 40 but not sure what to do next.The TV is a Sony KDL-42W653A.

  Pine Man 10:59 29 Aug 2018

Surely the best option is to retune your TV so that all of the channels are correctly updated and stored?

  ponytail 12:10 29 Aug 2018

I have retuned the TV several times and they were on the correct channels but when I turn the TV back on when it has been off for a while I go back to receiving channel 29 and channel 29 I have just been told comes from the Midhurst transmitter.I have just done a manual retune and have turned the TV off and will see what happens when I turn it back on again.

  Govan1x 12:37 29 Aug 2018

I take it you are talking about freeview channels and not from the like of Virginmedia.

  ponytail 15:04 29 Aug 2018

Yes these are your normal freeview channels and cannot understand why I have to do a retune everytime I turn the TV on and why just the one channel.I have now done a manual search as well but no difference.Might need someone to take a look at the aerial.Or just do a quick retune when turning the TV on.

  BT 17:38 29 Aug 2018

Do you turn the TV off completely or put it on standby? Most TVs do a Freeview update at 3am if left on standby overnight. It might also keep the settings you have rather than losing them. Modern TVs normally only consumes less than 1 watt on standby so its not expensive

  KEITH 1955 22:27 29 Aug 2018

when I got my first freeview box many years ago I had this problem , you need to get a new aerial , you need one called a multi beam , any reputable installer should put a special box on the aerial cable before it us clamped secure , if they do this you may even notice he might ignore which way your neighbours aerials are pointing the set up box should find the transmitter with the best output. also , let them put it on a very long pole even if it looks silly.

As a quick check call freeview help on 03456 505050 they will tell you the main channels you should get. if you never used freeview befor , when it does a channels update you may have something odd happen , sometimes it makes your recorded list invisible , your hard drive use will say they are there but you may not be able to see the recorded programs list and the only option will be to format the drive and loose everything same as you do on a pc.

as for your tv , how long have you had it , I once had one that would not remember anything I told it to do , the only way I got a replacement was by visiting the shop and demonstrating the save settings on the same model in the shop and guess what !!!! the one in the shop had the same fault …. a faulty batch !

  KEITH 1955 22:34 29 Aug 2018

FOOTNOTE.... I just re read your post , if you returned the tv many times you could force them to refund or change the tv under the heading " not fit for purpose " also don't threaten them with reporting them to trading standards complaint just say it , then if you don't get a proper response , walk out and go see them.

  BT 08:43 30 Aug 2018

you need to get a new aerial

Not necessarily. Its a myth that you need a so called 'Digital' aerial. There is basically no such thing. There are the modern wide band aerials which are probably more suited for digital transmissions but old type aerials will still do the job. I get perfectly good Freeview reception including HD with a 1960's vintage 7 element aerial from a fairly distant transmitter (about 15 miles). This feeds a TV and DV recorder via a splitter.

  ponytail 09:39 30 Aug 2018

I have found the solution I went into Digital Setup then clicked on Digital Auto Service Update and turned it off and it has been fine since.I went into the Sony forums and asked about this and someone on there suggested it and it seems to have worked so far.

  KEITH 1955 09:41 30 Aug 2018

Hi bt you must be in a good signal area cos my vintage aerial let me get about 6 channels on freeview , the free view help line told me to get a multi band aerial

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