problem reading Verbatim disks

  Kingfisher 11:38 07 Nov 2008

My Sony dvd writer model RW-AW-G170A ve: 1.60, is sometimes having a problem autoplaying on verbatim full face printable disks, it reads and writes to ordinary Verbatim disks ok and writes to full face printable ok, sometimes I have to insert dvd 3 times and then it will autoplay ok. it is ok if I start manually, have tried to find a firmware update for this drive, but cannot find a definite link for it even on Google.Also tried autoplay fix but no joy, has anybody any ideas or could recommend another good quality full face printable 16times -dvdr disk
many thanks

  eedcam 13:28 07 Nov 2008

Not a solution but may help find firmware .Install Imgburn its free and an excellent burner .Once installed put adisc in then click verify all the info for the disc willbe shown in the window
Click tools >drive then at the bottom check for firmware updates .By the way 16x should not be a criteria in your dvd's most problems are because of the higher speed
click here

Be careful do not click on the EXPRESSBURN in the first section scroll down to the second section with the header NEWS and click on the download there

  Kingfisher 15:30 07 Nov 2008

thanks for the advice eedcam, have downloaded program,it has confirmed the firmware version that i have but Still not able to find a link for updates maybe this is the only firmware version that is available. 16x is not the criteria i use I only ever burn at 6x it was just that verbatim are so reliable I wonder why it takes 2 0r 3 goes for autoplay to recognise a full face printable disk, but is ok on a non printable verbatim disk

  LastChip 16:13 07 Nov 2008

Remember, the CD/DVD drive is one of the few mechanical devices you have in a computer.

It could be that either the transport itself is beginning to go out of tolerance or even the optical head.

This sometimes happens and some makes of disc (I've no idea why) seem to be more tolerant than others of drive wear.

  eedcam 18:57 07 Nov 2008

Could just be the printable disc other brands my well be as bad as you'll be using the same Printer? ie have you tried one without printing on it

  woodchip 19:03 07 Nov 2008

Printable disc, Have you tried without printing on the disc? heat may be the problem from the printer to disc

  Kingfisher 19:08 07 Nov 2008

Hi LastChip,
Drive is about 3years old,and to eedcam I always check dvd before printing on the face, but same resul, might try a different brand, thanks again for your comments

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