problem with re-installing windows

  cravenbiker 17:07 06 Jul 2008

Hi people

I have been trying to reinstall windows as I have a few probs with my pc and a lot of crap on it and want to start from fresh.....
problem is, when i boot from disk, it goes through the normal procedures for about 2 mins and then a blue screen with white writing comes on saying that windows has had to stop the proces to save damaging the pc. then it tells me to check for viruses and and reemove any new hard drives that have ben newly added.
I have not added any extra hard drives and there are no viruses detected by avg,
does anyone have any idea what it could be?



  cravenbiker 17:09 06 Jul 2008

PS i have had a problem with a programm that is trying to install itself with windows istaller, but it cant iinstall itself as it cant find the sinature ........
could this be a contributor to the problem?
Thank you

  Batch 17:12 06 Jul 2008

When you say boot from disk, do you mean from the hard disk or from a Windows CD?

  cravenbiker 17:14 06 Jul 2008

windows cd

  cravenbiker 17:14 06 Jul 2008

i think it says to boot from cd , click any button.


  cravenbiker 17:28 06 Jul 2008

could REALLY do with some help on this one guy as I am unable to install, uninstall programmes as the windows install progra,mme is in constant use trying to install the application that is no longer there after i deleted it and thenmnn did a system restore

  cravenbiker 20:33 06 Jul 2008

any more ideas guys, been playing with it all afternoon but no luck.

  ronalddonald 20:47 06 Jul 2008

only thing you can do try to remove programs that your not using from add remove programs. Then try to download avast or avg and c if they can repair the computer ie removing the viruses.

If you cant still download anti virus from pc advisor forum search. then try to borrow another computer and downlaod it onto a memeory stick and form plug mem stick into the affected computer and try to do a virus scan and c if it can be repaired.

If you still want to try to a fresh install take it form there and try again. you havent mentioned what type of os your using i presume windows xp.

Good luck in your mission

  ronalddonald 20:50 06 Jul 2008

tyr to downlaod super anti spyware on to the memory stick and downlaod onto the affected computer and run that scan to c wht junk comes up and again clean it.

The other option may be to install a new hard drive but dont do that yet until tried anti virus like avast and super antispyware.

Good luck in your missiion

  cravenbiker 20:51 06 Jul 2008

yes windows xp. thanks for your advice
I have tried the avg but it came up with no viruses so this is the thing that is confusing me, i cant wait to get rid of this and start again.

  ronalddonald 20:55 06 Jul 2008

one more thing is the actul cd scatrched in anyway and doees the disc pause or stop while its running.

You can also try to repair the disc by getting a disc cleaner and making sure all the scratches are re moved. They sekk them in maplin.

The problem seems to be a very weired problem
anyway good luck in your mission

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