Problem with Radeon X600 drivers

  Alien Life Form 20:28 30 Nov 2006

I hope somebody can help, I have spent ages searching different forums etc but don't know what to do.

Problem; I was told to install latest Graphics Card drivers (Radeon X600) on a seperate forum (to solve seperate problem) so I tried to install X600 display drivers for XP MCE but install failed & I got a message saying;
"Try to setup your display adapters with a standard VGA driver before installing".

I stupidly rushed into installing & didn't UNINSTALL anything first, and I'm not even sure if I tried to install the right thing.

After restarting my computer a message came up saying NO ATI DRIVERS INSTALLED or something.

Have tried updating drivers in device manager but it says "The target file exists & is in a different language than the source. Overwrite English (US) with the English (Canada) one?" Wether I press yes or no, it fails & says access denied.

(Also, in device manager there are yellow exclamation marks on Radeon X600 Series & Radeon X600 series secondary)

I tried to run ATI Windows XP Driver Setup in the driver file but same message came up ("Try to setup display adapters...)

At one point I got a message saying "INF error, video driver not found" but cannot remember what I was doing at the time, I haven't had this message since.

I'm not sure what I need to uninstall, if I do need to uninstall.
Every time I turn on Computer, New Hardware Wizard comes up.

Please help! Thankyou so much

  Jake_027 21:28 30 Nov 2006

the only thing you could try doing is download the X600 drivers from click here save the file to the desktop. Once thats done open add or remove programs in control panel, remove any ati drivers or software, then uninstall them in device manager (but check that won't stop it working at all with someone more experienced on here first!) once thats done reboot and windows should detect it as new hardware. Make sure you are not connected to the internet and disable your antivirus, then install the ati drivers. Reboot when they have finished installing, then it should be ok and you can re-enable yourantivirus and connect to the internet. Thats what I'd do but don't take my word for it!!!!Check with someone more experienced on her first because I've never had a graphics problem.


  Alien Life Form 21:34 30 Nov 2006

Thanks for replying.
How do I check with someone more experienced? Do I have to wait for them to reply?

In the Control panel I have;

ATI - Uninstall utility
ATI control Panel
ATI display driver

Do I just use the Uninstall utility or remove the other 2?
Thanks again for your help, its really appreciated

  Alien Life Form 21:37 30 Nov 2006

Also, if drivers aren't detected do I manually point New Hardware wizard to drivers on desktop?

And how do I disable antivirus without uninstalling it?

Sorry for so many questions!! Thanks

  Jake_027 21:38 30 Nov 2006

but theres usually a lot of people on like that at this time of night. Over the last two nights they've helped me to get my friends Windows 98 computer out of what I thought was an unrecoverable situation without me even going to her house to do it. I can only assume that the ATI uninstall utility will remove the other two properly, but as I say you'll have to wait until someone more experienced clarifies my advice, they shouldn't be that long!


  Alien Life Form 21:49 30 Nov 2006

Thanks 4 your quick response!!

I have spent past 30hrs trying to get response off someone & just got response of 2 people in 2 min!!
The other person told me to uninstall Radeon X600 Series & Radeon X600 Series Secondary in device manager (both have yellow exclamation mark)
Is this virtually the same thing as u have said, but just another way of doing it?

  ashdav 21:50 30 Nov 2006

click here
Read this then follow the instructions.Works OK for me. I've got X600 card as well.

  Alien Life Form 21:50 30 Nov 2006

Is it just the display drivers I download from the link you gave me?

  ashdav 21:55 30 Nov 2006

Read all of it.

  ashdav 22:10 30 Nov 2006

What you need to do is remove ALL the ATI software (inc drivers) by following the instructions on the link.
You then reload the drivers and install some control software to allow you to alter settings.
I recommend using the tray tools option as the ATI catalyst software is resource hungry and only really differs by having a visual/graphic interface.
Follow the link and you won't go wrong.

  Alien Life Form 22:11 30 Nov 2006

Sorry, I wrote that last message before I noticed a reply from you. Read all of guide, will try it now, and let you know how it goes

Thanks again!

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