problem pulling in emails into outlook

  kumo22 22:23 03 Nov 2010

I know that I'll probably be advised that I have completely the wrong set up but I need to seek advice about the problem I have.

I have a broadband account with Tiscali (I know, a problem in itself). I have a domain name with several email addresses. I import these email addresses from the domain name host's webmail server into outlook. It is outlook 2003 on windows 7. Everything was fine until a couple of weeks ago; a time when Tiscali was being changed over to TalkTalk. There are still ongoing problems with this change over.

I currently can't pull in one of the email domain name addresses. All the settings in outlook are correct. I connected to the webmail through a non Tiscali broadband and could pull them in without a problem. My domain name host set up an outlook account to run a test and they had no difficulties with any of my email addresses. These points make me think that it is a Tiscali broadband problem and not an outlook problem.

My one contradiction is that it doesn't seem to make sense that I can pull in emails under one address and not another.

Currently the Tiscali speed is 480 kbps. Could this be a factor?

Any comments would be appreciated including suggestions for an alternative broadband supplier.


  Woolwell 22:33 03 Nov 2010

POP3 or IMAP accounts?
Pull in through webmail? Do you mean you could view through webmail?
Can you connect to webmail through Tiscali?

  kumo22 22:39 03 Nov 2010

I'm using POP3 accounts. I can access the internet without a problem. I can view the webmail accounts. What I can't do is import / receive the emails into outlook.

This is the error I am getting. Michael is the account name in outlook.

Task 'Michael - Receiving' reported error (0x8004210A) : 'The operation timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'

  Woolwell 22:44 03 Nov 2010

That could well be down to your slow speed. Suggest that you increase your server timeout. Go into tools - accounts settings - click on change and then on more settings advanced tab increase your server timeout to about 6 mins.

  Woolwell 22:46 03 Nov 2010

I may not have given you the correct route as I am now on Outlook 2007. see this click here

  kumo22 23:22 03 Nov 2010

I have changed the timeout setting to 5 minutes and this has worked. Thanks. I guess the problem does lie with the slow speed. Once this is running at a better rate I can check the proper efficiency. Emailing out is a problem but I know this is down to Tiscali's difficulties.

I can't tell whether try the addresses individually will work as I no longer have emails on the webmail server.

I do have BitDefender loaded. I have never made any adjustements to the settings and will have to check whether it is set for email scanning as this may still be a factor.

Thanks for the assistance

  kumo22 22:37 07 Nov 2010

Thanks for the messages.

It transpired that the problem was the speed. It was 480 not 4800. Tiscali have done what they needed to do and ramped this up to 6600.

I have one ongoing problem though. I can receive emails into outlook but not send out. Strangely this is only for particular email accounts run on one user account. This is via tiscali pop3 accounts and therefore the smtp will be for tiscali. Given that Tiscali still have problems could this be a factor given that some accounts work and some don't.


  Woolwell 22:42 07 Nov 2010

Need a little bit more information. The email accounts that have problems - are they on the same pc as those that work but with a different user?
I don't use Tiscali but they may not need Tiscali smtp but it does depend on the host for those accounts. Are there any specific port setting required and is there authentication?

  kumo22 23:25 07 Nov 2010

I am operating everything off one laptop. I have set up several user accounts on this laptop. The individual user accounts have different email arrangements. All however are set up to receive emails into and send emails from outlook.

The particular user account with the problems is for emails running on a domain name hosted by fasthosts. There are three different email addresses. When the problems began I set up a new user account with a new fasthosts domain name email. This works absolutely fine both sending and receiving emails.

I have set up one other email account and tried it first through the "problem" user and it wouldn't send. I re-set this up through the new user and it worked fine both sending and receiving.

Therefore I can only think that the problem lies within outlook in the one user account. One option might be to delete the whole user account and set up everything again.

I prefer this to be a last option and if there are alternative suggestions as to why I can't send out I would appreciate knowing them.

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