Problem Printing to USB Printer Across Network

  mjh65 12:38 24 Mar 2006

Here is the configuration:

PC1 - Windows XP Home SP2 - Laser Printer on LPT1 and Epson Inkjet on USB
PC2 - Windows XP Home SP2 - Uses printers on PC1
Connected via ADSL Router

Some weeks ago PC2 stopped printing to the Epson providing a message "Failed to print" and do you want to run Printer Help.

To date I have:

> Uninstalled and re-installed Epson on PC1- re-shared it and re-added to PC2 - "Failed to Print" from Epson but Laser printed fine from PC2
> Put Laser onto USB in case this was issue - PC2 printed fine to Laser
> Closed all firewalls (windows & those on PCs) - "Failed to Print" from PC2
> Used Installation CD on PC2 rather than rely on Windows - "Failed to Print" from PC2
> I have also done the little things like change the USB port the Epson is plugged into and set the Epson as default printer on PC2

All other aspects of file sharing between the two PCs is fine and unchanged from what it was.

Anyone got any ideas what's gone wrong and how I resolve it?



  ACOLYTE 13:00 24 Mar 2006

It may be that windows is getting confused by what printer to use,have you tried using just the one printer and see what happens.

  CLONNEN 13:21 24 Mar 2006

Are you turning on the USB Printer AFTER PC2 is switched on? Try powering up USB Printer and then boot PC2 - does it print okay then?

  CLONNEN 13:23 24 Mar 2006

Does PC1 print to the USB printer alright at the times of the error messages?

  CLONNEN 13:26 24 Mar 2006

Have you thought about getting a proper Print Server device which could connect into the Router / Hub via Ethernet? Might be more reliable than using the Windows Printer Sharing.

I believe there are Print servers which have combination USB and Parallel ports on them. Try Ebay.

  CLONNEN 13:29 24 Mar 2006

Try connecting USB Printer to PC2 instead?

  mjh65 14:14 24 Mar 2006

Tried it - no difference.

> Rebooted - no difference.
> PC1 prints perfectly regardless of what PC2 does!
> Print Server - this is a last resort!
> Printer worked directly with PC2 previously, but have not tried this since issue as computers are in separate rooms.

Thanks for the feedback. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.


  terryf 14:33 24 Mar 2006

I have 2 pc's networked via DG834 router and 2 printers connected to one PC. both will print to either printer using winxp pro. So the setup that mjh65 should work but I can only suggest uninstalling both printers and their software if any, Use the wizard to set up networking again (using the floppy produced by your 'master' PC) and say you want 'file and printer sharing. add the printers one at a time, set each printer to share and see if that woks

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