Problem printing downloads

  greybeard 22:55 31 Jan 2005

Running IE6 in XP, with perfect works as my office progamme(sorry if youv'e not heard of it, but it's small and excellent), acrobat reader 6.0

I have downloaded tutorials using IE6 which contain both graphics and text.
If I try to print from the saved html file, I cannot choose to print odd pages, then even ones, in order to print on both sides of the paper. This I can do using acrobat reader.
Is there any way I can open an html file in reader?
If not, is there another file converting prog that will help me print out what will amount to about 60 pages ?

  bertiecharlie 23:18 31 Jan 2005

HtmlAsText from click here

  greybeard 23:23 31 Jan 2005

Thanks for your idea, bertiecharlie, but slight problem - what about the graphics ?
With tutorials, the pictures are rather important !
And I can use the clipboard to print out a text file from html.

  ACOLYTE 23:30 31 Jan 2005

What about using click here

version 1.1.4 is the latest but there is a version 2 due out soon,you could then make a powerpoint presentation with it including text and images,you may also be able to print the odd pages i have never tried that.

  ACOLYTE 23:34 31 Jan 2005

Just re read your post,and an idea struck me it may mean more work but you can add images to text
with openoffice so all you would need is the images saved on the pc and inserted in to the text then print em off,sorry if it sounds daft,lol just a thought.You can also use pdf files woth it as well.Never tried a html file but i should think it would work.

  greybeard 23:39 31 Jan 2005

Thanks, Acolyte, but no. Like I said, I've got a small office prog, and both open office and MSoffice, or whatever it's called have got so many bells and whistles I get tired of waiting for them to load.
I'm really looking for a file converter, I think, rather than a large piece of software.

  greybeard 17:28 20 Nov 2005

Unresoved and abandoned.

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