Problem with printer colours

  Mr Scone 01:15 21 Mar 2003

My printer, HP psc 750 (all in one), has started playing silly buggers. I noticed that the colours on colour documents were coming out wrong so I assumed that the ink levels were too low/run out. Upon changing the ink cartridge, the same problem remained. I have now printed a test sheet and the only colours printing are red and yellow. I have alligned and cleaned the print heads and still the problem remains.

My test page is as follows (no problem with black by the way) - suposed to print coloured block and then the name of the colour underneath. This is what i get...

Cyan - No colour printed

Magenta - pink box printed

Yellow - yellow box

violet - pink box

green - yellow box

Red - Red box

I hope that makes sense - anyone got any idea what's wrong? No previous problem with the printer. Am running WinXP home; Athlon 1900XP


  Megatyte 01:32 21 Mar 2003

Carefully clean the contacts on your cartridge carrier. Don't use any cleansing agents, just a slightly damp lint free soft cloth.


  Mr Scone 01:55 21 Mar 2003

Ok Megatyte, i'll give it a try tomorrow (a bit late now to be mucking about. Thanks - i'll let you know how it goes


  €dstow 07:35 21 Mar 2003

A slightly more aggressive approach if Megatyte's suggestion fails is to gently rub the contacts on the carrier with a pencil eraser - the type that sits on the end of a pencil. Again, don't use any cleaning agents.

It could just possibly be a failure of the electronics controlling the cyan ink but it's a bit unlikely.

If the cleaning doesn't work, I think the only way is to get help from an HP engineer.


  Mr Scone 01:12 29 Mar 2003

I have tried rubbing the contact pins on the carrier with a pencil rubber but have still got no cyan colour. Furthermore, i now seem to only have yellow ink, no red! Is there any special advice on how to clead the cartridge carrier properly, or is it time to get on the phone to HP?

Another alternative (possibly) - The printer is less than a year old. Is this something that could warrant getting a refund/replacement from Staples, or will they just refer me to HP?

Thanks for any response (and my apologies about not getting back in touch sooner)



  Mr Scone 21:34 29 Mar 2003


  Pesala 22:04 29 Mar 2003

If all attempts at cleaning the heads have failed I would say get in touch with Staples. I presume you have tried the obvious things like ensuring the new cartridges are properly seated in the carrier, and have tried two or three head-cleaning cycles from the printer driver.

  Mr Scone 17:16 14 Apr 2003

Hmmmm, After trying 3 separate remanufactured cartridges, i tried an original HP one. Magic - it worked!

Looks like it was those naff fakes causing the problems - wont be buying from them again!

Thanks for all the advice though, i'm just glad i don't have to shell out for a new printer :0)

Cheers again


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