Problem please help. Save song in recordable CD???

  Me&U22 15:30 12 Dec 2008

I need your help please I have Sony VAIO VGN-N31 Laptop series.
I've saved Music song in TDK CD-R80 700MB 80 Min up to 52x Speed Compact disc Recordable. But it doesn’t work on my Car CD player whence I insert the CD to the car or home CD player it eject from car automatically and the home CD player message appears it says Disc not finalized.

All the song that I’ve saved them they are in the CD disc but its only work on Computer not on CD player.

I have used different CD Discs this is the way I do I TDK CD-R80 700MB 80 Min up to 52x Speed Compact disc Recordable insert format it. Burn Music to it or Copy and paste music or Sent Music to D drive. Still I can not use CD with my home cd player or car cd player.
Please help what is you advice and suggestion?
Thanks in advance

  PoppABear 15:32 12 Dec 2008

you need to burn it as an audio cd with someyhing like
click here

  CLONNEN 15:38 12 Dec 2008

Also maybe tick a box in burning program that says Finalize Disc

  Me&U22 15:42 12 Dec 2008

Clonnen I cant see any sign of finalize disc in computer. if you know how do i find the tick finalize disc?
Thank you

  Stuartli 15:46 12 Dec 2008

Have you tried copying the disk and Finalising it?

I have CD-R copies of my favourite CDs to play in my car and they are fine - that's on a nine-year-old Blaupunkt Gamma system.

  Me&U22 15:51 12 Dec 2008

Hi stuart no i havent actually how do i finalising it?

  PoppABear 15:54 12 Dec 2008

If the songs youve burnt are in mp3 or similar and your equipment isnt geared up for that format,Try the program above and from the project options select create audio cd and then add the tracks.This should then be playable on the non pc equipment.

  rdave13 16:22 12 Dec 2008

This is an easy burner to use, burning studio 6; click here

Clicking on 'burn or rip music' gives a list. Choose 'create an audio CD'(can be played on normal CD players).

  Stuartli 19:41 12 Dec 2008

What burning program do you use?

  woodchip 23:42 12 Dec 2008

You can finalized the CD in NERO. also Wav is the best to use and not CDRW unless your player supports CDRW

  DieSse 00:43 13 Dec 2008

As Stuartli asks - if you tell us what program you used to burn them - someone will tell you how to finalise (sometimes called "close") them.

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