Problem playing MOV files with PCM audio

  hjaltiga 20:43 26 Dec 2014

Hi, none of my media players seem to be able to play the audio in the .MOV files that come from my audio/video recorder. I've been researching this problem so I've gotten pretty far with it. I right clicked one of these files in a vlc playlist and clicked "Information", checked the audio codec which reads: "PCM S24 LE (s24l)" The video codec is "H264-MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1)"

I think I can safely assume that the reason for this problem is that there is no PCM compatability in any of the media players installed on my computer. What I think I need then, is a video converter that can convert MOV files with PCM audio, to .MOV files -or another format- with Wav, AAC or Mp3 audio, so that I can play the files without a problem.

Which brings me to my question: Is there a program out there that can convert like this with lots of files in one setting? It would be best if both lossless and compressing converting options are available withinin the same program.

Alternatively, I could download a media player that can play this particular codec combo, I just don't know any and I've searched all over the net. If you don't know any converters/media players, could you maybe give me some tips on how to more efficiently search for them online? I've searched but with no luck. Any other suggestions of fixes are also greatly appreciated!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:21 27 Dec 2014

PCM S24 LE (s24l)

I thought that was the standard audio for DVDs and therefore should be playable by almost any video media player.

have you tried downloading the klite codec pack?

  hjaltiga 16:53 27 Dec 2014

Nope I haven't, I'll give it a try!

  hjaltiga 17:27 27 Dec 2014

IT WORKED. Thank you so much!

  hjaltiga 17:30 27 Dec 2014

It would be awesome though, if anyone knew about a converter that can compress these files, for they are pretty large. Or can the K-lite codec pack maybe help with that?

  lotvic 21:44 27 Dec 2014

I use Format Factory (a free program) it can convert pretty much anything to anything. As with most free programs you will get offered 'extras' like Ask Toolbar and such, so choose a Custom install and deselect them click here

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