Problem with website

  Southernboy 21:58 26 Aug 2005

Every time I have tried to access this site during the last week, I get "AOL has encountered a problem and has to close". I get NO problem with any other site, only

AOL sent me a three page Email of a lengthy procedure which appears to stretch from clearing the browser cache to repairing internet explorer. I have to ask why, since the problem is only with one site.

Has anyone else experienced problems with, please?

  joesoaps 22:04 26 Aug 2005

No problems here using IE6 and with BTYahoo 2mg broadband so problem must be with you or AOL somewhere.

Link to site click here

  BigMoFoT 22:39 26 Aug 2005

dont you use a different browser to prove it's an AOL issue - personally I'd re-install the AOL software...

  CurlyWhirly 23:29 26 Aug 2005

I'm on AOL 9 and I have NO problem with the link

  Southernboy 09:55 27 Aug 2005

Here goes again.

I have tried using AOL to connect, minimising it and using IE to open Same problem except it now says that IE has encountered a problem.

As no other site is affected, it MUST be the site.

As this is not my computer I cannot change anything. Any advice will be passed on to the owner.

  lotvic 19:12 31 Aug 2005

It has been pointed out there are too many similarities with Southernboy and the above mammoth poster

I will not therefore be making any further contributions

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  lotvic 19:21 31 Aug 2005

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  lotvic 18:09 01 Sep 2005

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  lotvic 22:02 01 Sep 2005

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  Southernboy 22:09 01 Sep 2005

with the help of AOL.

Thank you all.

  pharte 22:55 01 Sep 2005

mine is fine using aol broadband. why don't you simply use explorer or similar

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