Problem with PCMIA 4 port USB2 Cardbus

  Roadgiant 20:47 14 Dec 2006

I have just purchased a PCMIA 4 Port USB 2.0 Cardbus Card for use in my sons Sony VAIO laptop, due to the fact that the laptop only has USB 1.
On plugging the card into a slot on the laptop, it is detected by the laptop and in device manager shows up as a VIA USB Enhanced Host Controller.

The problem is that when I plug a USB device into one of the USB sockets on the new hub nothing happens, and the USB device is not detected. I have tried several different devices having first and after confirmed that they are working by plugging them into the existing USB 1 sockets on the laptop.

It’s almost as if the laptop is detecting the PCMIA card with no problem saying that it is working, but the 4 sockets are not connected inside the hub.

The laptop is a Sony Vaio P4 2.4ghtz with Win Xp PRO installed; I am assuming I don’t need to install any other driver as the card is detected.
Thanks in advance RG.

  woodchip 21:30 14 Dec 2006

Try uninstall USB from Device Manager. All Of them, Them restart you comp to reset the USB. Also do you have SP2 installed? thinking this is a XP computer

  Roadgiant 22:16 14 Dec 2006

Thanks for the prompt reply, unfortunately still exactly the same problem after trying the above solution.
The Laptop has XPPro installed with SP2

  Pamy 22:44 14 Dec 2006

What devise are you plugging in to the USB card,try something very low powered like a flash mem

  Roadgiant 23:53 14 Dec 2006

Thanks for the reply.Up to now I have tried wireless dongle, memory stick and a joypad, all off which work perfectly in the USB1 sockets, but do not work at all when plugged into the hub.

  Technotiger 23:56 14 Dec 2006

Hi, I would suggest that your purchased item is definately faulty, and would advise returning it for a replacement.

Merry Christmas

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