problem with pc start button

  De Nada 17:35 17 Aug 2010

Having trouble with my start button on front of pc,for the last two days when i press to switch on my computer it begins to fire up then dies within a second, the only way that i can get it to start is to turn the on/off switch at the back to off for a few seconds and try again,i have to put my index finger and middle to either side of the button and press, today when i tried to log on it took ages to get it to start,it seems i have to get the button level so it fires up.any advice very welcome,thanks.

  gengiscant 17:39 17 Aug 2010

Loose wire perhaps,which will mean taking the side off and checking. If you have the motherboard manual,this will show you where to look.
If you do not have the manual,post your motherboard model.

  De Nada 17:48 17 Aug 2010

Will check wiring later,i have got the manual also.

  Linkslade 19:20 17 Aug 2010

If you find the wiring to be OK try this.

Ease the front panel from the machine. The start button should run along a sleeve or similar and when pressed connects with the switch on the PC. It may be that the button is out of alignment and only partially connecting with the PC switch.

  De Nada 19:38 17 Aug 2010

I will check it tomorrow and see,

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