Problem PC...

  Zeenokam 13:24 14 Aug 2003

Hi All

Anyone know how to cure this problem that's driving me completely mad...

My PC's spec is...

AMD XP1600+
256k RAM
40Gb HDD & 13Gb HDD
GeForce 3 Ti

Now then, as you can see, we're not exactly talking cutting edge technology as far as the spec's concerned however the problem is that after 30-45 minutes, the PC cuts out and re-boots itself. This figure can sometimes be less, particularly if I'm playing any games.

When going into the bios after the PC re-starts, I notice the CPU temp reads 120 this within limits or is the PC simply overheating? When I bought the motherboard, the shop fitted the CPU and the heatsink for me so I would imagine the guy there would have known what he was doing.

A friend reckons that be replacing the PSU for something meatier (he suggested a 550W dual fan one), it would solve the problem...I'm not convinced though.

Any ideas?

  Zeenokam 13:29 14 Aug 2003

Meant to add that I'm running XP Pro and the problems have been there before the Blaster virus appeared...

check that the fan on your heatsink is still working, 120degrees isway too hot.
a new power supply as your friend suggests is definitely a good idea but quite probably will not solve this problem

get a can of compressed air and blow out all the muck from inside the case and consider investing in a better heatsink.

  hugh-265156 14:09 14 Aug 2003

maybe the shop guy didnt know what he was doing.

its very easy to install a heatsink but its also very easy to install it incorrectly,ie/the clips not firmly attached or sitting off to one side.

  BillEmm 14:13 14 Aug 2003

Your CPU temperature is not only too high I cannot understand why it has not blown up!

The XP1600 is probably the 'Palomino' core and has a maximum temperature of 90C which means it should not be run at more than 65-70C.

Go back into the BIOS and check that the 'Vcore' voltage is not more than 1.75. The cpu can handle a higher value but at the expense of heat which means more cooling etc.

If the core voltage is OK then you have to look at your cooling: case, heatsink & fan and don't trust shop 'technicians'. Some are very good by the way. But not all, and many don't undergo any formal training whatsoever.


  Zeenokam 16:44 14 Aug 2003

Thanks for the replies guys however it's worth mentioning that the CPU temp that I quoted was in degrees F...BillEmm, looking at your response, reading the CPU reading in degrees C shows 48C so it looks as though the CPU isn't over heating.

So, back to the initial problem...I've even tried running the PC with the case off and the problems still there...

  hugh-265156 16:56 14 Aug 2003

then have a look in control panel/administrative tools/event viewer for errors that might help find the problem.

also control panel/system/advanced/start up and recovery/settings and untick the"automatically restart box

you should now get an error when it crashes,note it down for reference.

try updating the graphics card drivers

ATI click here
NVIDIA click here
and get direct x9 as some new games also require this now to run properly click here

  Joe McG 17:31 14 Aug 2003


I also had this problem a while ago, though with an athlon xp1800.

The way I cured it was to turn up my cpu voltage setting to 0.8 in the bios.

It will all depend if your mobo bios allows you to manually adjust your voltage settings.

I have done this with athlon cpu's from 1500 to 1800, and it has worked every time.

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