problem page "Add/Remove programs" is cut off on right side

  telkell 11:26 08 Dec 2012

When I want to remove a program the Add/Remove program page has started to appear with everything beyond "size" on the right missing --- so how do I get it back? I can't remove anything now! Help!


  telkell 13:50 08 Dec 2012

I have tried to reply earlier,but did not get through. Iam rusty with this and it is a long time since my last. I am on XP, on laptop -no mouse--I see no red X--It only happens on the Add/Remove page. telkel

  Woolwell 13:51 08 Dec 2012

The uninstall program window should behave like any other window. If you restore down then you should be able to grab the side and drag outwards or inwards.

  telkell 14:12 08 Dec 2012

I am a bit slow here. How do I "restore down" / telkel

  Woolwell 14:17 08 Dec 2012

Top right of the window you should have 3 symbols. The middle one is restore down or maximise. If these and the red cross for close are missing then it is possible that the window has been moved to far to the right and are off the screen in which case you will need to drag the window back by left clicking and holding at the top of the window and drag.

  telkell 15:15 08 Dec 2012

Sorry! I have been misleading you. I went to my PC to compare. I found that it opened the same way, but when I clicked on any program the Add/Remove option appeared on the right in the blue box which highlighted the program, but on my laptop the Add/Remove option was appearing in some but not all programs, Which I only dicovered by widening my search, I still cant get rid of one or two annoying things that set themselves up behind my back . Thanks for trying to help. telkell

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