Problem with Outlook emails vanishing

  exdragon 11:37 13 Feb 2018

I have Outlook 2016 and this morning, a contact sent me an email which appears to have vanished. The blue unread number of emails in the Inbox to which he sent it briefly increased from 7 to 8, then reverted to 7. It isn't in the Junk folder, I have no filters set, he is marked as a friend and a search of the words in the subject line were not found in All Outlook Items. I have my emails sent to appear by date, newest first. It was then sent to three other email addresses I have but nothing appeared.

I use Mailwasher, which enables me to remove anything I don't want to receive.

The only way I could read the email and see the attachment was for me to email him and he replied, sending the attachment. It arrived perfectly. Yesterday there were no problems with receiving emails/attachments from this person.

Any ideas?

  Govan1x 12:55 13 Feb 2018

Probably does not help but I used Windows live mail and Mailwasher.

All my emails for outlook and used to get removed by I assume mailwasher.

Had to save them to my NTL account to stop the being removed. Also if I opened a new email in Mailwasher it would not then download to my Windows live mail account.

Probably a way to stop that from happening but as my Mailwasher account has ran out I am just not going to renew it again. Maybe best contacting them for support.

  exdragon 22:17 13 Feb 2018

Mailwasher isn't deleting all emails, as I said, they very briefly register in Outlook before vanishing. Everything else in MW seems to be fine and opens in Outlook. Funnily enough, all the ones from this particular person are viewable in my tablet.

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