Problem with Outlook, emails and new laptop

  exdragon 10:45 13 Jun 2016

Hi – can anyone sort out this problem, please?

Scenario: one old laptop, one new one. Shared subscription with Office 365 Home, put on old laptop, three email addresses set up in Outlook, Office deactivated and put on new one. Using exactly the same details (user names, email addresses, passwords), but I can’t set up any email addresses.

What am I doing wrong? In desperation, I deactivated, uninstalled and reinstalled Office on the new laptop. I also downloaded Windows Live Mail and set them up in the blink of an eye.

I’ve spent hours on this and have had an on-line chat with Plusnet, but I think I’m now going round in circles.

  Pine Man 10:55 13 Jun 2016

On the basis that you are using Windows, and your are using Outlook for Office, you need to locate the .pst file for Outlook on your old laptop. Copy it to the same location on your new laptop. Direct Outlook on your new laptop to the location of the .pst file and it should populate your Outlook with all of the info it had when it was on your old laptop.

  exdragon 11:23 13 Jun 2016

Hmm, didn't work as I deactivated Office on the old laptop. I'll have to wait til I get home to install it on the desktop.

Although, why can't I set up the emails manually on the new machine when I could do it quite happily on the old one before deactivating it? Or maybe I should uninstall Office on the old laptop? If I had just bought my first laptop, there wouldn't be any .pst file to copy, would there? So many questions, sorry!

Time for a cuppa, I feel

  wee eddie 12:29 13 Jun 2016

Regardless of deactivation, the .pst file should still be there, possibly in the my Docs Folder. But Search for *.pst and it will make itself known to you

I am not familiar with Office 365, but each individual .pst file may still be in the On-line storage under the laptop's name

  Pine Man 13:16 13 Jun 2016

Wee eddie is right about the .pst file. It will still be there. On my PC it's C:\Users\NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.

  Pine Man 13:16 13 Jun 2016

.......further to the above I believe that the location I have given is the default.

  wee eddie 13:37 13 Jun 2016

p.s. It is absolute lunacy not to backup your .pst file. Office provides you a way to do this automatically ~ it was this back-up that I keep in My Docs.

  exdragon 13:58 13 Jun 2016

That's odd - one of my posts is missing, the one in which I said I couldn't copy from the old laptop as there was a message saying the file was partially locked (or something like that, I'd switched the machine off prior to returning home). I've only started using Office this weekend, so haven't looked at backing up yet.Used WLM previously.

Having another go now.

  exdragon 15:28 13 Jun 2016

Now - I've successfully set up three email addresses on the desktop (and I wrote down each step). Still can't set up on the laptop using the same steps.

I found the .pst file, copied it to a memory stick and got the message: An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file. The error code given (0x80070021) seems to refer to backing up.

I don't know whether the problem lies with the laptop, Plusnet or Outlook.

  exdragon 15:32 13 Jun 2016

Forgot to include - The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file.

  Pine Man 16:51 13 Jun 2016

It's possible, just possible, that the deactivation of Office has had an effect on access to the .pst file and may mean reinstalling Office if all else fails. In the mean time I have found a good site that discusses all aspects of .pst files and may contain some useful help.

click here

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