Problem opening a word doc.

  sattman 19:27 05 May 2003

Can someone remind me how I read a word document that is showing as a series of

page break

page break

I believe that I need to convert it to my version Word 2000

The original is given as a WDB file and it says it open with microsoft word

I realise that this is straying from the forum intent but I am getting frustrated searching for the solution.

  VoG™ 19:30 05 May 2003

WDB is a Works Database document - you need to open it with Works.

  VoG™ 19:34 05 May 2003

A converter might work click here

  sattman 20:36 05 May 2003

Thanks Vog

I am still not able to open this doc.

It is definately described as a "WDB" file

But adds "This file opens with microsoft word"

Only it doesn't open for me. See earlier explanation of what I get

I downloaded the convertor and tried it.

Is this something to do with converting from a earlier version of word.

I have had this problem before but can not recall how I resolved it, doh.

  otubby1 21:59 05 May 2003

I would also appreciate a little advice. I've got a similar problem to sattman. I have some wks files and downloaded the works converters but they still won't open in either word or excel. When I try to open them in excel, they are shown as works 2, but the still don't open, and word doesn't show works 2??

  sattman 23:14 05 May 2003

Apol to VOG

These are the programmes that I downloaded click here.

On checking they are definately "works" documents.

The convertor dont seem to work for me.

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