problem opening pictures in XP

  paulj 12:42 20 Aug 2005

When I try to open pictures in win xp the folder is very slow to open, and the thumbnails are in super low res.If I try to scroll through before they are fully open the screen blanks and the folder closes then the screen restores.I have run a virus scan and none are present.Please help

  jack 14:09 20 Aug 2005

Use an image editor/viewer - click here is one the Google one is another - both free down loads.
There may help.
Ib suspect however this colud be an image size and low memory/resources problem.

  johnnyrocker 14:12 20 Aug 2005

i thought xp came with own image viewer? might also be worth running full antispyware sweeps.


  paulj 15:08 20 Aug 2005

hi thanks ran antispyware no effect none found.
I dont have a problem viewing once I can get the folder to open windows picture viewer works fine it is just opening any folder with pictures in that is the problem some open slowly some half open with the rest of the thumbnails showing the icon that indicates that it doesnt know which programme to use to open it.but if i click on it the picture viewer sees it ok. and then some folders dont open at all that is when the desk top clears the folder closes and an error report is sent.

  jack 11:55 21 Aug 2005

Try this
XP's very own editior/viewer.

Check also screen resolution- Control/Display/Settings -make sure it is set to highest.

  paulj 20:52 21 Aug 2005

hi jack
no folders stiil slow to open or crash. nb. it is only fo;ders with pictures folders with movie clips or programmes open ok
thanks paul

  jack 19:34 22 Aug 2005

Give us a system run down.
Memory/CPU/graphics card -all that
What graphics program loaded

What is running in the back ground
Will take it from there

  Kenneth-266656 19:39 22 Aug 2005

Suggest plenty of memory if you are going to be dabbling with pictures 512MB min.

  paulj 20:24 22 Aug 2005

1 gig memory

  paulj 20:28 22 Aug 2005

p4 2.53 128mb graphics 1 gig memory system has been running great the problem started for no apparent reason no matter what programme i use to try and open pictures the files wont open then the programme closes

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